Perfect Fame

Ashley auditions for the Xfactor when 5 special people are in the audiance. Will her dreams come true or will the moment be short lived... read to find out


5. Lunch

Simon's POV:

   I got a call from Liam telling me he wanted to talk with me and Paul. I wonder what about since none of the other boys are coming.

 Liam's POV:

   I called Simon and Paul and told them I wanted to meet over lunch, they both agreed. I really hope they will agree Paul hasn't herd her sing yet but Simon has so I'm not sure. As I walked to my car Ashley ran up to me asking if she could come, I had to think for a min but I decided to agree. I really hope they say yes.

.   "So where are we going?" She asked


   "Yummy, who with besides me of course"

   "what makes you think I'm going with somebody " I questioned

   "We'll you can't just go by yourself"

   "yes I could but I'm meeting Paul and Simon"

   "oh am I interrupting a meeting or something by coming with you?"

   "Yes and no, yes because there is a meeting no because the meeting is about you, but it's a surprise so don't ask."

   "Okay I won't " she said as she pouted like a sad 3 year old who didn't get their cookie I laughed

   "we'll what are laughing at?"

   "Your face"

   "uh I'm offended what's wrong with my face!?!?"

   "Oh sorry that did sound mean, I meant I was laughing at your facial expression"

   "oh well in that case I and pretty funny aren't I"

   "whatever" after that the car ride was silent but not awkward just silent.

Ashley's POV: 

  After Liam gave my phone back he went to go make more phone calls with his, I wonder why he wanted to talk to my mom.

  "Obsessed are we??" Lou interrogated


  "Really then what's my birthday?"

  "December 24"

  "what am I scared of"


  "eh close enough,umm middle name?"


  "OK I'm done asking questions for now, so GET OFF MY LAWN YOU MEDDILIMG KID!!!" he yelled randomly.

  "FINE YOU GRUMPY OLD MAN I'LL FIND SOME ONE WHO CARES LIKE LIAM!!" I stormed off and found Liam walking to his car probably to go get dinner "Can I come?" He seemed to be thinking about something before he said yes. On the way there we started arguing playfully but other than that the car ride was silent but a good silent. When we got there Simon and Paul were waiting for Liam but seemed surprised when they saw me.

"I thought this meeting was just supposed to be us three who's this?" asked Paul 

"This is Ashley shes a contestant on the x factor." Liam answered 

"Yes shes a wonderful singer glad to have her on the show. but why is she here with you?" Asked Simon

Liams POV:

   "Yes she is a wonderful singer and i'm glad to have her on the show but why is she here?" Simon asked

   "Well we had a conversation in the kitchen this morning about her dreams, and one half of it is already coming true, but i need your guys' help with the other." i explained

  "Your really doing this for me Liam?" Ashley asked with joy in her voice

  "Doing what for you, if i may ask?" Paul asked quizzically.

  "Making my dreams come true" She said with even more excitement

  "What she means is if she makes it far, and i know she will she wants to join the band. Even if that's not a possibility she could be a permanent opening act for us." man i hope they agree.

  'Well given how early it is in the competition we cant know for sure, bu-" he was cut off by Paul

  "I haven't heard her sing yet but, you seem confident, Liam, and i know you wouldn't set anyone up for failure. If i can hear her sing there's no promise that she'll be in the band but a opening act is needed and she could take the spot we'll just wait and see what happens in the X-factor first." Paul said.

  "Thanks Paul." i said as i shook his hand. When I look at Ashley she seem to not be breathing. "Are you okay love?" 


  "I'll take that as a yes" i said smirking 

  "You bet" She was smiling ear too ear

Ashley's POV:
  Paul just said what I've wanted to hear since forever. Well not exactly, it wasn't a solid yes but a strong maybe. when he finished talking  stopped breathing.

  "Are you okay love?" Liam asked and I  just exploded


   "I'll take that as a yes." How is he not deaf I wondered.

   "You bet."I couldn't stop smiling

Niall's POV:

  They've been gone for a while I hope they bring food I'm starving.

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