Perfect Fame

Ashley auditions for the Xfactor when 5 special people are in the audiance. Will her dreams come true or will the moment be short lived... read to find out


3. Getting to Know Them


Eleanor's POV:

    I looked up to see Niall coming back with Ashley. She was tiny compared to all of us. I tapped Lou and pointed at Niall he smiled so did Liam and the rest of the boys.

Louis' POV:

"Hey short stuff" I joked.

"I'm not that short" she said giggling.

"So how old are you?"

"I just turned 17"

"Yup your short"

"Shut up" she giggled

Ashley's POV:

    "Nialler said I could hang out with you guys, but there's no seats left." i inquired

    "Here love take mine I'll just sit on Lou's lap" said El


    "your welcome love" I love there accents

    "Hey Zayn"

    "Hi" he replied

    "Hey curly" he smiled

    "Hi shorty"

    "So what are we doing after this?"

    "Well we're gonna go back to the condo for a bit, but we don't have anything else planned after that" answered Liam.

    "Sounds fun"

    "No it sounds boring" Louis whined

   "Anything sounds fun to me right now" I said

   "Fiiiine" Lou groaned

   "YAY" i exclaimed. We sat and watched the rest of the auditions.








Ashley's POV: 

   "Wow!!" was all i could say when we got there, the place was huge    "Close your mouth before you swallow a fly" joked Lou.     "shut up" i managed to say through my giggles.     "You know Lou you could be my bro"     "And hows that" he asked     "Just wait till u get to know me it'll be obvious"     "Okey dokey artichokey"     "Ate a lemon with my bear smokey" i said  with that the boys started cracking up ''What??" i asked innocently they just laughed again and continued to the house. I cant believe this is really happening i thought

   "Well it is" said Liam  
 "Did i say that out loud" i asked  he just nodded and then asked where my family was
  "Well they had to stay in Indiana because we don't have the money for them not to be working and my bro is in school I should be too, but this has been my dream since I was little, so my mom came with me. She left this morning before I woke up, its always been my dream to be in the finals of one of these shows, become famous, and help my family out as much as i can" i looked up to make sure i didn't lose him
   "Well Ashley I'm glad you pursued your dreams you have talent and I could tell you shocked Simon."
   "Thanks" i mumbled while blushing  
 "No problem, Any dreams if you do win?" he asked
   "Well um  don't laugh, but I've always  dreamt  that Simon would sign me, and that i would be the girl in One Direction. I just wanted to be like your guys' lil sis" I explained
   "Well Ashley i would love to have a girl in the band especially some one with as much talent as you, and as you being like our lil sis we haven't even known you for 2 hours and we already love you, don't worry about Zayn though hes a little grouchy today "
   "Awe Liam thank you so much" i hugged him and started crying  
 "now why are you crying love?"
   "I've never been the girl that everybody loved and Liam freaking Payne said he loved me and just called me an amazing singer so no reason" he just laughed 
   "Would you like something to drink?
   "No thanks. i said whilst walking out of the kitchen. 

Liam's POV:  

    Ashley is the sweetest thing, and when she told me her dreams I couldn't help but smile. To be a huge fan like that and for her to talk to me like I'm her best friend is awesome.  When she said all she wanted to be to us is a lil sis I could see that happening. I'm gonna talk to Simon about her being in the band, that would be really fun.

  Ashley POV:    

    As I left the kitchen after talking to Liam I heard Niall's laugh and started cracking up

   "Whatcha laughin at??" asked  Niall

   "I'm laughing at you,  I've  always loved your laugh and its 10 times better in person. What are YOU guys laughing at?" i asked back.    

    "I just told Niall that i think we found a lil'  leprechaun  and that you must be related" I started cracking up    

    "I don't even have an Irish accent, let alone ever been there" I said    

    "Well you laugh like Niall, almost, and that still doesn't mean your not a  leprechaun!"

  "Yup and your peter pan" i said back

   "how do you know I'm not?!?' questioned Lou

   "Hmm.... well wheres Tink and you cant fly"

   "Well she out making movies without me and I cant fly without her pixie dust" he argued.

   "Sure that's it"

   "Fine don't believe me Ms.  Leprechaun"

   "I wont" we glared at each other then started cracking up that's when i realize we had an  audience  the rest of the boys and Eleanor watched the whole thing and were laughing with us.

  "You were right you and Lou could be related" giggle El

   "I Know I was Ashley Jo Baker is always right"

   "ha ha sassy too i like it" said Lou  

 "My friend always said i was sassy as Tommo"

   "Not quite love I'm still the sassiest" with that he snapped in a z-formation and went upstairs .

   "OH GAWD I THINK I JUST GOT DISSED HOW COULD I LET THIS HAPPEN?!?!" i shrieked then pretended to faint.  

Louis POV:

    As i walked upstairs i herd he say she just got dissed haha shes starting to grow on me.

  Niall's  POV:  

  haha this is gonna be a fun day

  Zayn's  POV:

    What did i just watch?!? I like this girl

.   Harrys  POV: 

    She's A flippin chick version of Lou......  

Eleanors POV:

    sassy as Tommo? haha Lou can be pretty sassy cant he.


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