Perfect Fame

Ashley auditions for the Xfactor when 5 special people are in the audiance. Will her dreams come true or will the moment be short lived... read to find out


6. Definite Yeses!!

   Ashley's POV:

 "Did you guys bring food?" Niall asked

 "Gosh Niall you sound like a three year old, and I don't know ask Liam." I replied

 "Liaaaaaaaaam do you have fooooood?" Niall yelled down the hall, gosh that boy can eat.

 " The sass master is back?" I yelled hoping Lou could hear me

 " I never left" he said in the sassiest tone possible

 "Admit it Lou you've met you match." 

" Maybe your right." he said whilst pouting like a two year old "But im still the funniest." 

 " I take it back Lou your the sass master I'd die without being the mater of funny." i said pretending to wave a flag.

 "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON SHALL ALWAYS BE THE SASS MASTER!!!" he said cheering at his achievement

 "Whatever Lou Wheres Haz?" I asked eagerly

 "Does someone  have the hots for the curls?" he said winking at me

 "No I just wanna say hi." My blushing gave it away i could tell.

 "Really then how come you didn't ask for Zayn huh?? Plus he's the only one you give nicknames too." He interrogated

 "Well.... um I don't know why i didn't ask where Zayn was" im such a bad liar "And hes not the only one i give nicknames too." i said having an idea

 "Uh huh you expect me to believe that." Clearly caching my lie "Who else have you givven a nickname too?"

 "Not really." I said only answering the first half

 "I Knew it. ASHLEY LOVES HARRY ASHLEY LOVES HA-...' i slapped him. "OWWW what was that for." He said whining

 "No reason Boobear." i said winking and walked away.


 I walked up the stairs to an empty room and crashed



  Harry's POV:

I heard Lou chanting downstairs, poor girl. It's probably not true though, i'll ask her about it.

I walk upstairs too find her, and she happened to have fallen asleep in my room. 

 "Ashley love wake up' i say softly shaking her

 "You will not believe the dream i just had i tried out for X-factor then Niall came and I went to the boys house and-" She stopped when she saw me "OH MY GOD IT WASN'T A DREAM??" she screamed while hugging me "Wait that means.." She trailed off " You didn't hear Lou did you"

 "Actually that's why I woke you up"  she looked worried "Is it true" she looked at me and blushed "I'll take that as a yes guess what." she looked at me confused "I like you too" she sat there just staring at me with her jaw dropped

 "H-harry Flipping styles likes m-me. she looked confused

 "That's what i said." 

"B-but you can't."

"Why not" i asked

"Well i'm not pretty enough, and you could have any girl in the world but you like me why?"

"Because you are pretty and you have a funny personality, you sing like an angel , and you can put even Lou in his place." she was smiling ear to ear.

"AAASHLEY COME HERE!" yelled Liam 

Coming!" she looked at me apologetically and headed down stairs.

Ashley's POV:

 Harry Styles just said he liked me!! I was walking downstairs cause Liam wanted something. I found him in the living room." 

 "Whatcha want LiLi?' "Paul called." "AAnd?" "Your no longer in the X-factor." WHAT WHY?" "He saw your tape had Simon sign you and now you stuck with us." "Band or opening." Mostly opening but some song with us." THANK YOU LIAM!!!!!" i said while hugging him 

 "Whats going on in here?" asked Zayn. Liam explained everything to all of the boys who all were happy for me, especially Harry.

"If were announcing stuff I have something to announce." Harry started 

"Well what is it?" asked Louis  

"I have a new girlfriend." A WHAT i wanted to cry but had to be strong 

"Wh-who is it." I asked trying to hold back the tears

"Well I was hoping you would be my girlfriend." He looked at me hopefully

"Of course i would" i said smiling 

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