Take me down

This is my entry for the BIG poetry competition so I would really appreciate if you could comment/like it. Thanks for reading :)


1. Take me down

My body is on fire,

I'm dancing in the flames.

Blackened smoke surrounds me,

My screaming is in vain.


I know they will not hear me

A thousand feet below.

But I still keep on crying;

Its not my time to go.


Blood seeps through my t-shirt

And the ashes sting my eyes.

People fall around me

As the tower creaks and sighs.


As I stumble over bodies

There's a rumbling below;

The first tower has fallen,

There's only one to go.


Time starts to move more quickly now

And panic grips my chest.

I can hear the people screaming

I can smell their burning flesh.


The tower is collapsing

I stop trying to climb.

There's a groaning from beneath me.

I think I'm out of time.

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