Why? Can't humanity accept us? Why to do they have to kill us? Why...


1. Why?

My species, you humans used to treat with respect. What happened to make you want to destory us? We have never harmed you before but you now seem set on destroying us, creatures of the forest. We have lived in peaceful harmony since the dawn of time, why attack now? You chop down our homes to make room for your homes and hunt us down like beasts. My family and I used to live in perfect harmony with the small tribes in our rainforest. Untill the destroyers came...

You attacked our homes, tore down our refugee, destroyed our way of life. Now all that lies there is ashes and memorys of what was once a haven. Many were killed in that attack and those left now languish in cages, far from home. We feel nothing here, not the warmth of the sun nor the soft touch of fresh rain. How all of us that still remember long to leave here and return to our natural home. Many of the animals here hate mankind now for what they are doing, but I do not. I pity you.

You will never know the feeling of true serenity untill you learn to accept that you can never be the only ones in the world. Humanity needs to learn to share the world with its fellow inhabitiants. Many of my friends here believe that a war is coming. A war between you and us. Those who hunt us have already tried to start one and there have been casualties. On both sides. There will come a time when humanity must choose. Repeat the mistakes of the past or form a alliance between you and us.

I hope you will make the right choice.

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