A Strange Turn Of Events For Olga

Olga lives in an orphanage, she has two cats who are her best friends. She thinks that her only relative is in prison, but all that is about to change.


2. Chapter Two; The Grey Lady


Olga closed her window, silently and pulled on her old tattered dressing gown with the hole in it´s left pocket. She crept downstairs, grimacing when the floorboards creaked. She arrived at the bottom of the stairs just as the doorbell rang. Sophie´s facial expression drowned in a Tsunami of absolute panic! Running around the staircase, she wrenched open the door and hid in the cupboard under the stairs. She was just in time, at that moment, the main care-worker, Mrs McAuley, came out of her office to open the door. Olga thought that she resembled a zombie, the way she was advancing towards the door. 

The door opened and a middle-aged lady stepped inside, sheltering herself from the cold with a thick, Grey coat. She wore grey, granny shoes, thick grey tights and grey gloves on her hands. Her eyes were grey, her hair was dark grey and even her skin seemed to be tinted grey. The one attractive thing that Olga could see was that the the grey lady was tall, and slim. 

"Mrs McAuley," Said the grey lady, her voice was surprisingly youthful. 

"I am Mr. Trevethans house-keeper, I am here to pick up his niece, Olga." Mrs McAuley looked tired, 

"But I thought that the *yaaaaawwwn* girl had only one relative and that h* yaaaaawwwn*e was in prison." She said.

"Well, Mr. Trevethan has been out of the county for a long time but now he is back he would like to take Olga on, since it states in her mothers will that if any members of the family are able to look after her, then they are to look after her like she is their own child" Stated the grey lady, primly.

"Oh, yaaaaaaaawwwn alright.  You better stay here for the night Miss, then you can take yaaaaaawwwn Olga away with you first thing in the morning."


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