A Strange Turn Of Events For Olga

Olga lives in an orphanage, she has two cats who are her best friends. She thinks that her only relative is in prison, but all that is about to change.


1. Chapter One


Olga was sitting on her windowsill, with one of her cats on her lap. she was staring out at the main road, which was covered in snow and ice. she always thought it was bad to be right next to the main road, especially in winter. the next day would be Christmas. Christmas at the care home was always over jolly. Every room festooned with decorations. 

It was a good care home. You were allowed pets and the social workers were Kind and caring. However sit wasn't like having a family. Olga started stroking Diego- the cat that was on her lap.' Leo her other cat lay at her feet. It was a cold, bleak room and having the cars around, added a little extra warmth to the place. 

It was 10°clock at night, Olga should have been asleep hours ago but she was restless. she always was on Christmas eve, she didn't know why, she just was. It was stuffy in Olga's little room, she un-hinged the stiff clasp keeping the windows shut. They swung open, noislessly. A refreshing gust of cold, winter night air struck her, and a few snowflakes blew in and landed on the floor before dissolving into nothingness.

Olga swung her legs over the edge of her windowsill dangerously. she had been told off for doing this before, but she knew that so long as she was being sensible, she could not fall off. she was breathing in the cool night air. Olga lifted her head up to look at the stars.she thought how far away they were and how small they appeared although actually very large.

Whilst thinking these philosophical thoughts, a noise Startled her from her almost trance like appearance. So startled was she, that Olga almost fell from her three-storey high perch. It was a car! A car at 10:00 at night on CHRISTMAS EVE! Olga was shocked! Why would a car be driving around at 10:00 at night on CHRISTMAS EVE!?!?






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