There Is Always A Happy Ending.

This is about a girl who is abused as a child and grows up to be successful and perfect in everything she does. Her abusive childhood helps her to become everything a girl would wish for.


5. You don't belong here.

" Where the hell have you been Molly!" He screamed in her face. She trembled. Her bottom lip beginning to quiver.

"Its 8:00! College finished over 4 hours ago. Where have you been? You haven't told any of us where you were going!How do you think your mother is feeling!" He shouted waving a finger in Molly's face. She tried to step back away from him but her back was now pressed against the cold glass of the front door. His blue eyes gazing down upon her weak body. There was nowhere to run. Even if she tried to run he be sure to find her. Even though he had his leg amputated a few months back didn't stop him from attacking Molly. He gaze down at her. He didn't have his walking stick with him so he was sure to be hitting her with both fists.

"I stayed in an after college club" She managed to blurt out. He gaze at her, he surely didn't look like he was buying it.

"Why didn't you tell your mother and I? Jasper phoned us to tell us he was staying in his friends house. You on the other hand didn't even ring us to tell us anything! You could have been killed or kidnapped! Don't you think about these things!" He shouted in Molly's face. There was no lying now.

"Is that alcohol I can smell on you?"He said gently. Molly thought her heart had stopped. This was it. She wasn't going to have a few lashes, it was going to be much much worse.

"" She muttered. His eyes burned in to her.

"Don't you lie to me" He said quietly and grabbed Molly around the collar and pulled her in to the living room. He threw her on to the couch and closed the living room door behind him. Molly didn't move an inch off the couch.

"You know what happens to little girls who lie" He said quietly as he started to unbutton his trousers. Her eyes widened. She had experienced this every time she had lied. Why did she lie? Why did she put herself in this situation again? He limped over to her and lowered his heavy body on to hers.

"Now Molly, will you ever learn ?"He whispered in her ear. Molly felt sick. Her stomach churned. This was sickening. No teenage girl should ever be put through rape. Her lip began to quiver as he touched her face.

"I..I am sorry"She said as the sun set making the room become dark. She couldn't see his face and he couldn't see hers. Tears fell from her eyes, soaking her hair and making it stick to her face. She gasped as he began to move his hand down her arms and to her jeans. He began to unbutton them and pulled her jeans a few centimeters down. She closed her eyes tightly and let the wrath of her father begin to rape her. In her own house with her mother upstairs. Why was her father doing this to her? Why did he feel this way towards Molly? Questions danced around Molly's head as her father started to become more heavy on top of her.

After the deed was done. She made her way upstairs and in to her room. She dived on to her bed feeling filthy. She lay on her back and looked up at the ceiling. She felt disgusting , alone and having no purpose in life. She looked at her bookcase. All the books she had were story books full of fairy tales , of kings and queens and the bluest skies She was never going to be a normal teenager. She longed to be a successful and prefect girl. With a handsome husband who would keep her safe from her father and have children. Get married in a white dress around her friends and family. But that wasn't going to happen if she stayed in this house much longer. She was crumbling. How was she going to know whether her dreams were going to come true?

She turned over on to her side and pulled her quilt over her head and cried herself to sleep. A storm brewing up in her head of all the things why she hated her father. She was spiraling down hill and this wasn't the life she wanted.

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