There Is Always A Happy Ending.

This is about a girl who is abused as a child and grows up to be successful and perfect in everything she does. Her abusive childhood helps her to become everything a girl would wish for.


2. No place like home


    Molly opened her eyes and squinted as the sun shone brightly in to her eyes. She turned her head  to the side, and caught a glimpse of her right arm. It was covered in bloody mud. She rubbed her eyes with her left hand and slowly sat up. She looked around  , and realized she was still in the abandoned  , muddy alley she was in last night . She would usually run somewhere , drink herself in to an unforgettable state and pass out .It made her feel better  , and made her forget all the troubles she had in the world.   "What am I doing ? "She muttered to herself.She picked herself up off the floor , with a little help from the alley wall.She tried to walk but stumbled over her own feet and fell to the floor ,cutting her hands on the rough tarmac.She landed on her hands and knees , tearing the blue jeans she still wore.A teardrop fell from her pale , muddy face, she felt that she was a burden to everyone.She hated herself and did not want to go back home .If she did , her father would guarantee send her to her bedroom with a couple of bruises.   She finally got to her feet.She made her way out of the alley way and down the street where the people of Robinburn where busy bustling in and out of the shops that were on the street.Molly walked down the busy street , limping like a lifeless zombie.People stopped and stared at the pale faced girl with messy , muddy hair,ripped jeans covered in dry ,red blood and still wet from the rain that had poured down in the night.   Molly did not know what the time was, what day it was.She was so confused.   She hobbled up the street , letting everyone gawk at her battered body and the cuts on her wrists.

A few blocks away was her house.She needed to go home to get out of her wet,dirty clothes.No matter how afraid she was.   When she finally made it home, she quietly pushed open the front door , hoping and praying her father and mother weren't home.She shut the door behind her and quietly made her way up the wooden stairs.There were 11 steps, but as soon as she pressed her foot on the 6Th step , a figure appeared on the landing in front of her.She looked up and her eyes opened widely.   There her father stood , in his blue dressing gown, holding a walking stick in his left hand . His brown hair sweeping over his face.His eyes burned in to Molly's .She stood there in terror as he stepped towards her.   "Father.."Molly managed to stutter.  

"Where have you been!"He shouted in a deep , loud voice , enough to scare anyone that crossed his path.   "I was ..just out"Molly said backing up a step.  

"All night! Look at the state of you , you look like a tramp! Get upstairs and get in the bath now!"He screamed.Molly was to terrified to move. He walked down the stairs towards Molly with that glare she always saw when he was mad.She stood still until her father was now inches away from her face.She shook violently , scared for what was about to happen next.   He raised his fist and punched molly straight in the stomach.She fell backwards down the stairs and lay there on the cold,wooden floor.She rolled in pain , clutching her pounding stomach.She moaned in pain as her father came down the rest of the stairs and walked past her , like she wasn't even there.   As she was gasping for breath , her father walked passed her again and up the stairs and back to the bedroom .She struggled to her hands and knees.She held her stomach with her left hand ,coughing as she did so.She put her left hand to her mouth and coughed.Blood pouring out of her mouth and through her fingers.   She looked down at her hand , her brain running with empty thoughts.She clambered to her feet and tried to quickly climb the stairs , holding on the banister for support.She finally got the bathroom and locked the door behind her,still trying to get her breath back she quickly put the plug in to the bath and turned the hot tap.   She turned and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.She walked over to it and stared at herself.She began to take her clothes off.Taking her dirty tank top off and catching sight of he red and purple mark on her stomach where her father had punched her.She slipped off her jeans , also catching sight of the bruises and cuts forming down her legs.Her wrists were bloody and swollen.  

"Who am I?"She said , staring at her naked flesh in the mirror.Her mind spinning with questions which were still yet to have been answered.The pain was unspeakable and she thought her time , was nearly up.  

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