There Is Always A Happy Ending.

This is about a girl who is abused as a child and grows up to be successful and perfect in everything she does. Her abusive childhood helps her to become everything a girl would wish for.


4. Needing a change.

Like hell was Molly going to college. She stuffed the ten pound note in her jeans pocket and hurried down the road to a large gang of people. They were all scruffy looking and all looked like they had not slept in days. They were all laughing and joking.

"Hey"Molly said in a timid voice as she approached them.

"Molly! Hey whats up!" Said one of the boys. He had greasy shoulder length hair and was wearing ripped jeans and a long sleeved "Guns and roses" T shirt. It was covered in what looked like dust.The rest of the gang were boys. Molly was a bit of a tomboy herself so she would always be seen with a boy or this gang. There were about 7 of them all together, hanging around the corner just a few houses down from her own.

"You coming with us?" The greasy haired boy asked. His name was Alex. Molly was more friendly with him. She felt a little safe around him. She knew he was a good fighter so whenever a fight broke loose she be sure to hide behind him.

"Uhh, sure!" She said. The gang started to walk down the street away from her house. She would always skive college She wouldn't even bring her reports home. She would throw them in bins or in to peoples gardens before she made it home. Molly's mum thought that she was a star student. But she was wrong. Molly was never in college. She spent most of her time in a small run down shed just a few blocks away form the college. It was a place where most drug dealers and alcoholics hung out. The garage was always full of empty beer bottles, syringes and packets of used drugs. There was a torn and tattered sofa in there to sit on and a small broken table. That is all the luxury it had. It was filthy, but it was a place to go to do hardcore drugs. And that's where Molly was going.

When they all got to the run down garage. Everyone picked a spot to sit down and began their drug taking.

"Well guys. I got this amazing new stuff!" Said Tom. He was the biggest,craziest junkie you would ever know. He was tall, muscly and was part of the gypsy family down in the caravan site west of town. You would never want to get on his bad side. Molly never spoke to him in-case she said something wrong and be found in a ditch later that same day. Tom pulled out 4 syringes. All full to the top with heroin.

"Who wants first go!" He said. The group laughed and giggled taking the syringes out of Tom's hand. Alex quickly grabbed one. He sat with his back against the wall and pulled his t shirt over his head, revealing his body. It was all skin and bones. He had no flesh there. It was like looking at a skeleton. He wrapped his t shirt around the top of his arm to stop the blood supply and gently inserted the needle in to the crease of his arm. Molly watched as he pressed down on the syringe. He left half and passed it to her. He took his t shirt off from around his arm and tied it around her arm.

"Your turn" He said gently with a smile. Molly didn't think twice and inserted the needle in to her arm and pushed in the rest of its contents. She put her head against Alex's shoulder feeling light headed and dizzy.

"Good stuff?" He asked. Molly nodded as her eyes rolled around her head. She felt a rush as her heart began to beat faster. Her body becoming heavy and her eyes closing.

"Molly, whats the matter?" Alex asked.

"I feel . . .great!" Molly said as she pressed her face in to Alex's chest. He put his arm around her. She smiled as she felt safe in his arms. As her heart began to race, she didn't think about her father, or mother. The abuse or the bruises under her clothes. She felt on top of the world. Invincible. She felt like she could take on anyone.

Molly opened her eyes and looked around the garage. Everyone had already had their kicks and were laying about everywhere in the broken glass and filth around them. Laughing and joking and of course, smoking. Molly turned to see that Alex was asleep next to her. She rubbed her head as she had finally relaxed from the heroin. She must have fallen asleep. She stood up and left the garage. As she stood outside she noticed that the sun was going down. It must have been late. She had been in the garage all day smoking pot, drinking beer and taking heroin. She looked down at her arm that was covered in tiny holes. She rubbed the sores and pulled her sleeve over them,. She had better get home before her father found out where she was. She turned to look back at the garage then set off home.

As she was walking down the streets she decided to go in to the local newsagents. She felt a little hungry and needed to do something about the smell of alcohol on her. She walked in and picked up a pack of mints,  a can of coke and a small bag of crisps and made her way to the counter. She watched as the brown haired, middle aged mad scanned her items

"£3.20 please"He said. Molly reached down in to her pocket to take out then 10 pound note. But it wasn't there. She checked all her pockets , but it was nowhere to be found. The boys must have taken it. Or she could have dropped it? Embarrassed, she left the shop empty handed and set off quickly back home.Trying not to think of what just happened. She prayed that her mother and father wouldn't smell what she had been up to. 

She quietly opened the front door and stood in the hallway. It was quiet. Her mother and father must have gone to bed early. Jasper would usually be in his room on his computer games. She turned around to shut the door quiet. As she turned back around she was stood face to face with her father. His face was red. He was angry. He stood there in front of Molly with clenched fists at both sides of his body. He gritted his teeth. Molly's heart pounded through her chest. She thought it was going to break through her lungs. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think. There was no idea of what he was going to do next.

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