There Is Always A Happy Ending.

This is about a girl who is abused as a child and grows up to be successful and perfect in everything she does. Her abusive childhood helps her to become everything a girl would wish for.


3. Face the facts


Molly gently lowered her bruised and battered body in to the steamy ,hot bath.She lay back with her head resting on a small towel behind her.She looked down at her body,it didn't look anything like her own.It felt like she was trapped in someone else's body.It was bruised ,cut ,sliced and she felt she was another girl , crying to get out of a broken corpse and nobody could hear her calling out for help.Molly took the flannel that was resting on the rim of the bath. She soaked it in the warm water and gently washed her body of the muddy blood that was dried to her skin.As she cleaned her wounds , tears fell from her eyes.She didn't know who she was any more.She was hurt , and nobody around her could see the pain she was involved in.As she soaked her unrecognisable body in the bath , there was a gentle knock on the bathroom dear.A voice spoke in such a calm soothing voice.  

"Molly?Is everything ok in there?"It asked.It was her mum.If only her mum knew what was going on.But Molly didn't dare tell her mother the truth.

"Yes mum , everything is fine , I am just soaking in the bath"Molly answered through tears.

"Ok darling , if you need anything give me a shout" Her mother said.Molly listened as her mum's footsteps got fainter as she stepped down the stairs. Her mother was the nicest woman you could ever meet.She always put molly and jasper before herself.If she had known what dad was doing , she may not believe her and probably be broke hearted.   Molly began to wash her hair and afterwards ,stepped out of the bath.She grabbed a towel off of the silver towel rail and patted her cuts clean and dried off ,Molly wrapped the towel around her and stepped out of the bathroom and rushed across the landing and in to her bedroom. She closed the bedroom door behind her and walked over to her wardrobe to find some clean clothes to put on. She found herself a clean long sleeved top and some jeans and put them on.   She dried her hair and applied a little make up  , before heading downstairs to where her family was having breakfast at the dining table.She creped down the wooden stairs and slowly entered the dining room ,where all her family were sat around the table surrounded by their breakfast.

"Morning dear" He mother said with a warming smile.


"Hi"Molly said trying to smile.Her father was set next to her reading the newspaper. He looked up at her and smiled,pretending he had not seen her this morning

"Morning Molly"He said with that evil make smile he would always to to cover up what he had done. ""She she said ,trying not to make eye contact.She took a seat next to her brother Jasper.Jasper was a bit of a swat.He attended a private school with well trained teachers and the pupils were all straight A students.Jasper had longish blonde hair that swept over his right eye.He was wearing the private school uniform which consisted of a tie , blazer and jet black trousers.He looked very professional.   Molly sat there  , your average 18 year old .She attended college but was on a course her father had chosen for her.It was indeed an army course. She despised the course.It wasn't fun at all! It consisted of having to put your life on the line everyday.Molly tried to many things to get herself kicked out of college , but the tutors always came up with a silly plan to keep her in.

"Here is your dinner money for the day"Molly's ,mother said handing Jasper and Molly a ten pound note.   "Thanks mum!"Jasper said delightfully. Molly just smiled.If her mum knew that the money she was giving her was going on cigarettes,booze and drugs she would not be happy.Molly began to eat the cereal in front of her that her father had chosen and made for her.Porridge.The one thing she hated more than anything in the world. she shovelled the porridge in to her mouth and quickly stood up.

"I better go , ill be late for college"Molly said, grabbing her back pack that she had left by the front door.

"Ok darling , be safe"Her mother said as she was about to leave.Her father didnt utter a word,he looked up from his newspaper and glared at her.Molly shut the front door behind her and began to walk to college.  


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