Dead Island


1. Welcome to Banoi





It was 5:00pm on the sunny island of Banoi. Banoi was a holiday resort fit for mostly teenagers. It had bars around the island that served every drink your averge teenager could think of. The island had such a weird vibe about it. The sun was scorching but there was a slight chill in the air that rustled through the palm tree's. Around the island were pools and bars.From my small hotel balcony you could see that everyone was enjoying themselves. So why did I feel that something was going to happen? I watched as a young couple holding hands with their daughter walked past the hotel and down to the pool right outside my hotel block. I smiled as I watched them get in to the cool water. I headed back inside my room and decided that I should go get a bite to eat. I had been inside my room most of the day typing up a story.

I was in Banoi for my traveling experience. I worked as a journalist and writer back home in Wales. It was a different atmosphere working abroad , and because I was alone I didnt feel that I was enjoying myself. I wasnt used to being alone. At home I was always surrounded by my friends and family and of course my boyfriend. We had been together nearly 4 years now and being out here without him made me miss him terribly. As I searched my apartment for something cool to wear I then headed out of the complex and made my way down to the nearest bar. I sat at the bar on a wooden bar stool and shivered. It had really gotten cold out. It didnt seem right. To be on an island thats is always over 30 degrees you wouldnt expect it to be so cold. I rubbed my arms as the waiter came over.  

"What can I get for you , my dear?" He asked.  

"I will have a small pina colada please" I said smiling. He grinned and began to pour my drink. I looked around at all the couples enjoying themselves in the resort. The children were laughing and playing in the pool and the teenagers were all lounging around and chatting. So, why did I still have that weird vibe about this island. Ever since I got here I felt unsafe and always had a feeling I was being watched. Maybe it was because I was on my own and didnt have my boyfriend to accompany me places. I did feel a little uneasy not knowing anyone. The waiter placed my glass in front of me and smiled.

  "Thank you" I said as he walked away to serve someone else. I looked down at my drink and sighed. I hadent really enjoyed this holiday , it would have been so  better having friends and family here.

A cold breeze blew my hair across my face. I turned around and saw a big black cloud roll over the resort. Oh god, rain. I scooped my drink up and headed back to the hotel while people were pushing back to get to their condos and hotel rooms. As I entered the hotel I made my way bavk up to my room. I had lef the balcony doors open, so when I walked in to my room , there was an icey coldness wrapping itself around me. I ran over to the doors and shut them tightly. But as I was closing the doors something caught my eye. There were loads of people running and screaming trying to get in to their rooms. I moved the net to the side to see more.

There was a young woman with blonde hair covered in what looked like blood , running around and screaming for help. My eyes widened. What the hell was going on down there? I moved the nets back in to place and closed the blinds. What the hell was happening out there. I switched the light on and started to pace my room, thoughts going through my head. Is she ok? Did she fall? Should I go and check she is ok? I paused for a moment. I should really check if she is ok. I quickly looked through my cuboard and pulled out a white cardigan and wrapped it around me.

I left my room and quickly made my way out of the hotel and to where the girl was stood. There was a pool of blood and was leading away from the hotel. I looked around at my surroundings. It was quiet, to quiet for my liking. What the hell was going on. The longer I stared at the pool of blood the more scared I was becoming. I heard a faint rustle behind me. I quickly turned around to face the bush that was behind me. I froze, to scared to move an inch.   Out of the bush came a man. His clothes were torn and his skin was oddily coloured. His hair was messy and he had a massive wound in his neck. It was pouring with blood. His eyes were rolling in his head and he just looked at me. Blood pouring on to the white tiles underneath our feet.  

"Ar . .are you ,alright ?" I managed to say. The man tilted his head to the side looking confused.He let out a groan and  stared at me. What the hell is happening. The man began to walk towards me , groaning loudly. I panicked and legged it back to my hotel room not even turning around to look if he was still following me.   When I was in my room , I locked the door and dived on to the bed. Trembling and holding back tears. I was so scared. What on earth was happening out there? I remembered that I had my laptop under the bed. I reached down and opened it. I typed in what I had just saw and waited for the answers.

  "Zombies!" I said loudly shocked at what google had answered me. I covered my mouth with my hand. I heard another groan coming from outside the balcony doors. Did I dare look? I took a deep breathe and stormed towards the door. I opened the blinds and opened the doors and stepped on to the balcony and was blown away by what I saw. I stood with my back against the doors , trying to catch my breath. It looked like a horror movie. There was blood everywhere , there were people screaming in their rooms as these mutant people were banging on the door trying to get in. There were things on fire , items broken and these  . .things! Just running around the resort chasing people with blood stained clothes and hands. I didnt know what to do. I couldnt leave the hotel could I? There was certainly no way I was going to leave this room. What happens if they made their way in to my hotel block? I trembled at the thought. I snuck back in to my room and locked the balcony doors and sat on the bed. There was nothing I could do. All I had in this room was a phone , laptop , some munchies and water. Surely that wasnt going to be enough ?


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