The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


6. Chapter 6


The music changed just as Louis stole Sarah away from us. "What's all that about?" I ask Eleanor but she just shrugs and stares at the ground. I look back over to Sarah and she seems to be laughing. I search the dance floor for Niall but I can't see him anywhere.

Suddenly I feel a pair of hands on my waist. He spins me round so I'm face to face with Harry. Oh no, Sarah likes him, I thought. He pulled me close to him but I could see him staring at Sarah and Louis out the corner of his eye. I decided to mess with him.

"Well hey there sexy," I whispered. He looked at me alarmed but carried on dancing with me. We stared at each other intensely, not looking anywhere else. He broke eye contact first though and looked to Sarah. I looked too but she was too busy talking to Louis.

"Don't worry, she likes you," I said to Harry. His eyes lit up and he excused himself. I walked back over to the girls but they weren't there anymore. Liam was dancing with Perrie, Harry was dancing with Danielle and Zayn was dancing with Eleanor. I was left on my own. I started walking off the dance floor when someone grabbed my arm. "What the..." I started but stopped immediately. I was staring right into Niall's blue eyes. I saw lust and longing.

He started dancing with me, his hand on my back and the other just above my bum. The touch of his hand on my bare back made my spine tingle. I placed my hands around the back of his neck as he moved his to the small of my back. We didn't have to say anything, we both knew what we wanted. I leaned my head in closer, as he did.

"Excuse me? Can I dance with you?" I looked sideways to see Zayn staring at me politely. I looked at Niall and saw a flash of anger swim past his eyes. I nodded shyly to Zayn as Niall let go of me. He walked away and I focused on Zayn.

His eyes were chocolate brown and his smile made me melt. We started chatting lightly and I looked around us. Everyone had swapped round. Niall was dancing with Sarah, Liam was dancing with Danielle, Louis was dancing with Perrie and Harry was dancing with Eleanor.

What game were the lads playing?

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