The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


5. Chapter 5


"And this is Eleanor and Perrie," Danielle said to us, introducing her friends. Eleanor was wearing a deep blue dress and her hair was wavy. Perrie was wearing a darker red dress than mine and wore a bowler hat over her straight blonde hair. They were both stunning! But Perrie looked really familiar. "You're out of Little Mix aren't you?" I asked. She smiled shyly.

"Yes I am," she said sweetly. "I loved your dance moves by the way, very entertaining."

"Haha thanks, we're not pro though like Danielle here," we laughed. We started to talk to the three girls more and we got on really well with them. Little Mix's song Wings came on and Danielle dragged us all to the dance floor.

"Hey Louis have you seen that girl?" I said pointing to the girl on the dance floor.

"Yeah she's hot, she's a dancer isn't she?" he asked.

"Yeah she is, but I've never rehearsed with her and her mate before," I replied.

"I'm gonna go and talk to her," Louis said.

"Wow wait man, I saw her first, I'm going to talk to her," I said. I did see her first. I was determined to get in her pants, she was beyond hot. And Louis was not going to get in the way. We both looked at each other and made our way towards her quickly. Unfortunately Louis reached her first and stuck his tongue out at me. I will get my revenge, I thought.
SARAH'S POV- "Excuse me, may I have this dance?" I turned around to see Louis Tomlinson stood with his arm out. I blushed deeply and grabbed his hand. He pulled me away from the others. "Hi I'm Louis," he said sweetly.

"I'm Sarah," I said back. He started swaying to the music that was now on. It had changed to I Need A Hero.

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