The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


3. Chapter 3


One Direction were on stage right in front of me. I actually couldn't believe it. I was a massive fan of the boys, especially Harry. I looked at him and he was staring right at me, confused. And then I remembered that we were supposed to be dancers. I looked at Chloe and she shrugged at me. Around us the dancers were paired off with boys but there were no more around. Chloe ran over to me.

"Remember that dance we made up when we were about fourteen?" she says to me urgently. "Not really!" I say worried. Someone will notice and then we'll get kicked out. "Here I'll lead you," she says grabbing my hands. We start moving our feet to the beat and eventually the moves started flooding back to me. I kept my head up and my arms elegant and we swiftly moved around the dance floor. We were doing none of the same moves the other dancers were doing so we were starting to stand out. Chloe whispered something into my ear and I nodded. We separated and went into the audience.

A boy with a grey tuxedo and black mask caught my eye so I grabbed his arm and started dancing with him. I turned round and Chloe had pulled a boy in a blue tux onto the dance floor with her.

The audience around us started clapping and cheering at us. I caught a glance at the stage and I noticed Harry smiling at me. All the boys seemed to have their eyes on me and Chloe, we were obviously amusing them.

When it came to the last part we took the boys back to the audience and all the dancers seemed to disappear. Me and Chloe got together again and we spun and dipped until the last beat when I dropped my head back and lifted my leg up.

The whole place exploded with cheers from the audience and even the boys were clapping and whispering to each other. I sighed in relief that no-one came to march us off the dance floor. We bowed and retreated to the bar.

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