The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


28. Chapter 28


We reached the top of the stairs that we had to walk down to get to the floor. They were right at the side of the dance floor, in full view of everyone. I felt Sarah let go of my hand and breathe in. We all started walking down the stairs.

"Oh my gosh! There's Ashley Tisdale! She just smiled at me! There's Selena Gomez too! Who the hell's party is this?!" I could hear Sarah shouting to no-one in particular. I looked round and saw loads of famous faces but they all appeared to be staring at us five. We were five gorgeous looking girls though. Finally I made eye contact with the bright blue eyes I'd been looking for. I saw him smile under the lights. 
I couldn't believe all these famous people were looking at us. Demi Lovato had just complimented my dress! When does that happen twice?! I kept searching the room for THOSE eyes. The ones I was looking for. Finally I saw them, in the midst of tuxedos and suits. He was surrounded by loads of people but they were still all watching us.
I couldn't make out any features but I knew them eyes when I saw them. We got to the bottom and I saw Chloe making her way over to Niall who was stood by Harry and the boys. The girls followed behind us too, grinning at their handiwork.

"Wow girls, you did a great job, not that you needed it," Harry said as he grabbed my waist. "You look beautiful," he whispered into my ear. I repaid him by giving him a cheeky kiss on the cheek.

"I'd like to introduce you to someone," Niall said as me and Chloe got a champagne flute from one of the passing waiters. I took a sip as Niall tapped someone on the back.

"These are the girls I was telling you about," he said to the stranger. The stranger turned to face us and I choked back my drink. Standing in front of us was Justin Bieber. 

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