The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


27. Chapter 27


The girls had finished our hair and makeup and even put us in our new dresses and shoes without us being able to see a thing. They'd taken us to another room.

"Now take a look!" Danielle said enthusiastically. I opened my eyes and my hand flew to my mouth. We were stood in front of a mirror in the very posh girls toilets. But I couldn't stop looking at the person in front of me. Her long blonde hair was curled on one side of her head and brushed out so it creates soft waves. She had bright red lipstick on and dark eye shadow on.

Her dress was one shouldered and was black down her left side and white down her right. It fit her body perfectly and went straight down to the floor. On her feet were elegant silver heels and her look was complete.


"Now take a look!" I moved my hand away from my eyes and gasped loudly. The girls had done my makeup so that my long hair was wavy down my back and applied red lipstick to my lips. My eyes were covered in dark shadow but somehow it made them brighter.

The dress they'd put me in was stunning. The two straps followed down to a black and white dress that went straight down to the floor. The was a huge slit up the side that travelled all the way above my hip. There was a couple of inches of fabric and then a cut out in the side. I was silently thanking the girls for giving me stringy underwear. They finished my look with a pair of black stilettos covered in diamantés. A tear started to form in my eyes.

"Hey you're not allowed to cry!" Eleanor said giving me a hug, "it will ruin your makeup!" I then looked at Chloe and yelped.

"We match!" I shouted as I gazed at her stunning dress.

"So are we ready to go now?" Chloe asks impatiently.

"I guess," I sigh, but really I was just as excited as she was!

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