The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


26. Chapter 26


The girls sat me and Chloe down and started working on us. The party was obviously a very important one because the girls were dressed very formal.

Eleanor was wearing a deep blue dress which looked great on her. It was a long halter neck dress that did great things for her figure. The neckline went all the way down to the top of her belly but had three glittery straps across it. She had her hair curled down her back and nice sultry makeup. 

Perrie's dress was a light purple that went to a nearly white shade at the bottom. The halter neck was encrusted with diamonds and the was a small cut out just below her chest with diamonds surrounding it. Her hair was wavy around her face and she had very glittery eyes.

Danielle's dress was just so beautiful. It was made with green satin and went down to the floor. It had a thigh high slit up the side showing off her legs. It had a plunging neckline with a diamond of gems at the bottom. The back came half way down her back with a diamond cut out at the bottom. She'd left her hair curly around her face and applied dark makeup. They all looked so pretty, I was a little nervous to see what I turned out like.

"Just wait until you see your dress," Perrie exclaimed whilst doing my lipstick. They'd brought everything. Makeup, straighteners, curlers, even a hair dryer, god knows what for. But they still wouldn't tell us whose party it was. I started to feel nervous of being surrounded by celebrities and wondered if I was ready for this. Chloe on the other hand couldn't wait. She was telling them to hurry up so she could go and party. I laughed.

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