The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


23. Chapter 23


I combed my messy hair and put my blue shirt on. Harry walked in as he was buttoning his white shirt up.

"Help me with this will you?" he asks me, handing me his bow tie. I laugh and tie it around his neck.

"Do you think we should of really told Chloe and Sarah where we're going?" he asks me.

"Naah it's more of a surprise this way," I say back. Harry laughs and leaves me to finish off getting ready. I adjust my tie, pull on some shoes and grab my invitation off the side. I open it again.

"Dear One Direction and plus ones. I would like to invite you to my very special birthday party that we are having for my 18th. Hope to see you there! Love Justin."


"You would have thought they'd have told us how to dress," Chloe told me as we were rummaging through our clothes. We had no idea what to wear because we didn't know whether it was formal or casual.

"Maybe we should go with a dress but flats?" I suggest.

"That's a good idea," Chloe says, "I have the perfect dress."

"And I have the perfect outfit too," I grin. I go to my wardrobe and pull out a white summery dress. It stops mid thigh and shows off my long tanned legs. I also throw on a denim waistcoat too to accentuate my hips. I finish the look off with a pair of small brown boots.

"Well doesn't somebody look like a cowgirl," Chloe says walking back in. She gone for a long maxi dress that's longer at the front than the back. The print is Aztec and she finishes it off with some strappy sandals.

"Yeehaa," I say back to her laughing. We've both left our hair naturally wavy down our backs and applied the little makeup that we need.

"So what time is it?" Chloe asks me.

"It's seven o'clock, they should be here any...." and just on time we hear a knock at the door. Chloe rushes to it and pulls it open whilst I lock up. 
Chloe opened the door and I gasped. She looked beautiful in a flowy dress.

"You look... Beautiful," I say to her. But she just looks at me shocked.

"You guys are wearing suits! Shit!" she exclaims.

"You look fine!" I shout back. She blushes and I grab to arm and wrap it in mine.

"Let's go," I say as I lead her outside.

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