The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


22. Chapter 22


SARAH'S POV-  I woke up and sighed. I looked at the clock next to my bed and it was 3pm. Why hadn't Chloe woken me up today? And then I remembered what had happened. I grinned to myself and sat up, pulling the sheets up to my chest. But Harry wasn't there next to me. I got out of bed, put some shorts on and grabbed a white piece of clothing off my chair. I put it on and realised it was Harry's shirt. My smile grew and I made my way out of my messy room. I walked into the living room/kitchen that was in our apartment and heard pots and pans clanging. I walked to the kitchen and Harry was stood there, just with his chinos on, making some food. He hadn't noticed I was there. I crept up behind him and put my hands on his bare chest. "Jesus!" he shouted as I'd made him jump. He spun around and grabbed me by the waist. He threw me over his shoulder and held onto my legs. "Harry!" I shouted, "Put me down now!" He walked over to the couch and lay me down on it. "You're going to pay for that!" he said and he started tickling me. I hated being tickled and soon enough I had tears falling down my face from crying so hard. I wiped them away and felt a weight on top of me. I opened my eyes and Harry was lay so our faces were inches away from each other. I moved my face forward and quickly pecked him on his lips, teasing him. He growled at me and smashed his lips against mine. CHLOE'S POV-  I woke up to laughing. I heard Sarah laughing from somewhere. I opened my eyes and could feel an arm draped over my body. I spun round and came face to face with bright blue eyes. I smiled sweetly and remembered what had happened. "Hey beautiful," Niall spoke. He kissed me on my forehead and wrapped his arms around me tighter. "Can you hear that?" I say after a while. "Yeah looks like Sarah and Harry were louder than us," Niall chuckles. He swings his legs out of bed and puts his trousers on. I grab my shorts and slip them on and grab Niall's polo shirt before he can reach it. "Looks better on you anyway," he smiles as he kisses me. He grabs my hand as we make our way to the living room. "AHEM!" I shout as we get there. We just see a tangle of clothes and skin on the couch. I hear Harry let out a sigh as Sarah laughs. They both sit up. "Yes?" Harry says sarcastically. "Remember we have that date tonight with everyone Harry?" Niall asks him. "Oh shit yeah, I totally forgot," he says looking at Sarah apologetically. "Care to explain?" she says seriously but she's smiling. We leave them to it as Niall gathers all his stuff. He puts his shoes on and walks over to me. He starts to pull his top over my head but I stop him. "You can leave without it," I grin at him. He accepts the challenge and goes to the hall to meet Harry. "We'll pick you guys up at seven," he says to me and Sarah. We give the boys one last kiss and then shoo them out the door. We had to get ready.  
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