The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


21. Chapter 21


I watch Chloe and Niall walk off into her room.

"Just as beautiful without the mask," the husky voice at my door said. I turned around and there in front of me is Harry..the same tall, dark and cheeky Harry that I saw chasing after my car and running out of the club.

"That's quite a scene you made last night," I tell him moving one step closer. He just stands there, smiling, with his hands in his pocket and his feet apart. He's wearing a black blazer, white shirt and chino pants. My knees go week and my insides tighten. His face drops into a more worried expression and it tugs on one of my heart strings.

"I didn't want to disturb you and your boyfriend last night," he says to me looking at the ground. I take another step forward so I'm at my door and put my hands on his face.

"Harry, he is NOT my boyfriend," I stress to him, wanting him to know the truth. He looks me in the eyes and I know I don't have to say anything else. A cheeky grin spreads across his face and his pupils dilate. My body starts burning, just looking at him, my fingers coil up yearning to feel his curls between them and I bite my lip, tasting the cherry lipgloss from last night. He glances at my lips and licks his own. I laugh because I still can't believe that he actually came looking for me.

"So you are single then?" he asks me moving closer.

"Yes I am," I say back smiling.

"Well not for long," Harry says before our lips connect. My fingers weave into his curls and his hands move to the small of my back. It's a passionate kiss and my hands start roaming all over his chest. Not leaving my lips, Harry picks me up and my legs wrap around him. He kicks the front door shut and leads me to my room. He lays me down on my bed and finally we break the kiss.

"Will you go out with me?" he asks me. I stay silent, giving him time to breathe. But I decide not to tell him my answer. I grab his shirt and pull him back onto my lips.

"That's a yes then?" he laughs into my mouth.

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