The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


20. Chapter 20



I open my eyes, hearing a knock at my door. I swing my legs out of bed and stretch, my pj's consisting of long red silk and white polka dotted pants and a black tank top. I wrap a black cardigan around myself and walk down the hall as another door opens. I see Sarah coming out, wearing short shorts and a tank top.

"Do you actually wear anything to bed? Or do your outfits just shrink daily?" I laugh walking to the door but she just groans, turns around and goes back to bed. I slide the bolt then open the door, light streaming in, making me close my eyes.

I open them back up and I couldn't believe it.
Niall was stood there looking up through long eyelashes leaning against the wall and my heart stops. Wearing a white polo shirt with light beige pants, he looks me up and down then his mouth curves into a smile, giving a flash of brace, my knees go weak. My grip tightens on my cardigan when he stands up properly.

"So this is the mysterious Chloe in her natural habitat?" he takes a step forward and I'm looking up now. "Would like to come inside?" I say with a little hope in my voice. His hand goes inside my cardigan and travels around to my lower back.

"Depends," he smiles and takes a smaller step forward, our bodies touching at the stomach,chest and forehead.

"On?" I say making eye contact.

"Can we finish what we started?" he asks with a serious look on his face and I feel my cheeks glow pink. "I'd be-" But I don't have a chance to finish before he closes the space between our lips. His free hand cups the nape of my neck then his fingers tangle in my wavy hair.
I hear thuds of footsteps then Sarah walks around the corner but he just looks at her, then breaks the kiss. "Come on darlin, let's leave these two," he says. I look over my shoulder to her, smiling like an idiot

"Don't's just cuddling."

I wrap my arms around his neck and we are cheek to cheek giving her puppy dog eyes. I could see she was thinking something different but I was a girl of my word and she just shakes her head.

"As long it doesn't interfere with mine," she says back winking. We smile cheekily then I take his hand and lead him to my elegantly designed room

"I hope you like pink," I say.

"I'm sure I could get used to it," he says unsurely.

"How about we go on a five couple date today?" I smile as we get to my room and give him a little peck on the cheek.

"I'd love too," I say leaving Sarah stood infront of the door which now inhabited a glowing Harry Styles..

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