The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


2. Chapter 2


We got out of Sarah's car and stood in front of the entrance. "Right what's your plan?" I ask her. She just grins at me mischievously. She grabs my arm and drags me round the back of the venue. "I am not climbing over a gate or through a small gap in this dress!" I exclaim.

"Oh shush, you underestimate me my friend," she replies. We walk to the stage door and there is a bouncer outside with a clipboard.

"Hi there we're the dancers," Sarah says calmly, walking through the door.

"Hold on!" the bouncers shouts and pulls her back. He studies our faces carefully.

"Nicola?" he says to Sarah's face.

"Yep that's me," she replies smoothly.

"So you must be Andrea," he turns to me. I just nod. "You girls are late! Get in there, you're just about to go on! Good luck," he smiles at us. Sarah grins at me and grabs my hand as we walk through the door. Once we get inside I let out a deep breath. "How did you know that would work?" I ask her.

"Let's just say we might've blocked out two dancers when we parked our car," she grins. "That's so clever!" I say hugging her.

"Well you know me," she winks.

"GIRLS! Get out there!" a man is ushering us through another door and we start to hear loud music. Is that? Sarah turns round to me and says "Ready to dance?" as we are pushed out onto the dance floor in front of the stage. I look up to see One Direction singing.

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