The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


16. Chapter 16

I pulled my cap down and pulled the zip up on my hoodie. Me and Niall didn't want to be spotted or else we would never find Sarah or Chloe. We started the closest to their apartment, going in all the bars and clubs, looking for them everywhere. We searched and searched until we came to a bar called Jumping Jacks.

"Can we actually have a drink in here?" Niall asked me, " I'm knackered," he complained. "Yeah sure," I sighed. I was tired and hungry and to be honest a bit heart broken. I only wanted to see Sarah again.

We walked in, keeping our heads down and went straight to the bar. We ordered two beers and looked around us. There were people our age everywhere but I couldn't see Sarah. There was a group of girls on the other side of the dance floor that kept looking over at us, but I looked away uninterested. I couldn't believe Sarah had had this effect on me. I don't know what was happening.

I down my drink. "I'm just going to the toilet," I told Niall. I headed to the toilets that were on the other side of the dance floor. I passed some stairs and looked up, wondering where they led. My eyes followed them until they reached a balcony that overlooked the whole restaurant. I saw a girl sitting at the edge, with a boy sat closely next to her. She turned away and looked to the dance floor behind me and I could finally see her face. It was Sarah.

"Can I have this dance?" I turned around abruptly and there was a girl stood in front of me. She had long blonde hair and pretty eyes. I coughed.

"Ermm not yet," I huffed, not wanting her to recognise my voice.

"Do I know you?" she askes.

"Nope!" I say hurrying past her. She suddenly tugs at my cap and it comes off in her hand. My curls fall out around my face.

"OMG ITS HARRY STYLES!" she shouts. I look at her alarmed as everyone from the dance floor starts to crowd around me.

"Harry!" I hear Niall shouting. I look round for him and find him standing next to the door. I push past all the bodies and run to Niall. He runs out the door as I turn around one last time. Sarah is standing at the balcony, looking straight at me. She looks concerned and tries to mouth something to me. "Sorry," I say and run out the club.

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