The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


15. Chapter 15


"You know what, they could be behind this door," Harry said to me as we waited outside number 213. I looked at him and saw the same emotions I was feeling. Adrenaline, nerves, and butterflies. I took a deep breath in and knocked on the door twice. We waited and waited, but there was no reply. Harry stepped forward and put his ear to the door. He moved away and shook his head at me.

"We can't give up, not now, we have to go out and find them!" I say starting to walk away. We'll have to check all the local bars for Sarah and Chloe but then I panicked, they could be anywhere.



"Chloe this is boring," I moan after the next shot. We were in a dead night club that had perves in. I'd already had two drinks and a few shots but I wasn't starting to feel the effect. Chloe was a different case.

"I have a great idea!" she slurred. She grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the bar. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"Jumping Jack's!" she shouted as we crossed the road. I had to admit that I loved Jumping Jacks. It was a club owned by someone Chloe knew called Jason. He loved me and Chloe because we were always getting new customers. Because of that, we always got to be in the VIP part, with more VIPs. She dragged me inside as we went searching for Jason. We eventually found him talking at the bar.

"Jason!" Chloe shouted over the noise of the crowded bar. He turned round and hugged us both enthusiastically.

"I'll escort you to the VIP part," he smiles at us. He leads us up the stairs to a balcony that overlooks the whole bar. Next to us is the DJ decks, with our good friend Daniel DJing tonight. We waves at us as we walk past him. We take a seat and order our drinks then look over the bannister. "See anyone who takes your fancy?" Chloe asks me. I look around the dance floor but see no-one that I think looks slightly attractive.

"Nope," I say quickly.

"You haven't even looked, come and dance with me," she asks me.

"No thanks, but I definitely will later," I smile back at her. She huffs and trots down the stairs again, trying to fit onto the crowded dance floor. Soon enough she has a gang of men around her, flirting and grinding. But she doesn't look comfortable at all.

"Hey!" I hear someone say behind me.


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