The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


12. Chapter 12

HARRY'S POV- *knock knock* "They might be on the other side of this door you know Niall," I say to him. My legs seem to tremble because I don't know what I'd say to her. Finally the door swung open. But it wasn't Sarah, or Chloe. This girl had long red hair and was smaller than Sarah. She looked at us shocked. "Harry?! And Niall?! Am I dreaming?!" she shouted. Niall looked at me and sighed. "Yes, did you buy these masks?" Niall asked her. But she didn't talk, she just stared at us grinning. I looked at Niall confused. "Are you alright?" I asked her. But her eyes started to close. "Grab her!" Niall shouted. I stepped forward and grabbed the girl just as she fell forward. She'd just fainted. I grabbed her and picked her up and Niall walked into her apartment. I found her living room and lay her unconscious body down on the sofa. Me and Niall plonked ourselves down on the couch opposite her. "What now?" he asked. "One sec.." I say getting up. I find the kitchen and grab a glass from one of the cupboards. I fill it with water and take it back to the living room. "What are you..?" Niall started but stopped as I threw the water in the girls face. We waited but nothing. She didn't move one bit. "That's awkward, I thought that always worked," I say embarrassed. "Only in movies!" Niall spits out as he falls to the floor, laughing hysterically.

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