The Masquerade

One Direction meet two mysterious girls at a Masquerade ball. Can they find out their true identity?


1. Chapter 1

Hey guys, I have a feeling I'm going to like this fanfic. Let me know what you think of it so far at the end :)

CHLOE'S POV- I finished curling the last piece of my blonde hair. It fell just to the bottom of my back. Carefully I stepped into my dress and pulled it on to my shoulders. I stepped into my black stilettos and walked to my mirror. My dress hung perfectly on my body.

I wore a dress that had a purple satin top with two delicate straps. It pulled in at the waist with a lace belt and then black lace trailed down the back. The front was split and there was a small purple skirt underneath. There was no back to my dress so I could feel my hair brushing my bare back. The dress had been expensive but it was definitely worth it.

I looked closer, finishing my makeup off. My hair framed my heart shaped face and my blue eyes glowed. I applied a layer of lip gloss to my lips and I was ready.

Wait! I grabbed something off my bed and went back to my mirror. I lifted the mask to my face and put the elastic under my hair. The black lace matched my dress and it made me look even more dangerous. I smiled to my reflection and grabbed my phone.

I dialled 'Legs' and she answered. "I'm ready," I said.



"Let me see you!" my mum exclaimed.

"Mum! It's only Chloe's party!" I lied. But I had to admit it was for good reason. We were actually going to sneak in to a celeb Masquerade party, I had to say I was going to Chloe's though else my mum would never let me go. She had told her mum she was coming to mine.

"Let me take pictures!" she said, getting her camera. I didn't mind though, I had to admit I liked the way I looked. My red dress trailed straight to the floor with a slit up the side that travelled up my thigh. On my feet I wore black stilettos that made my legs look even longer. My red dip dyed hair was curled and my fringe carefully straightened. My dress was backless so it only started just above my bum and there was only two pieces of fabric that held up the whole dress at the back of my neck.

I wore dark makeup that made my hazel eyes stand out even more. I had also applied bright red lipstick to my full lips. My mum came back holding something in her hand.

"Don't forget this," she said handing it to me. I put the mask over my eyes and the elastic under my hair. The red lace brought my whole outfit together, making me look sexier. My mum started faffing around me, fixing my dress when my phone rang. "I'm ready," Chloe said.

"Me too," I said calmly. "Mum I have to go now, it's party time!" I shouted walking out the door.

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