Why Me?

This story is about 3 best friends who live in the gold coast, their names are Hollie, Tarni and Steph. Steph's Ex boyfriend isn't a nice person and will do what ever it takes to be with her again. Will he get to Steph or will a certain five boys pretect her....
Tarnis dad doesnt like one of the boys and doesn't let her go out with him, what will she do to get the man of her dreams......
And Hollie well you will find out about her soon......


1. Why me?

Stephs pov
I wake up to a tap on the window, to see my boyfriend brax trying to get my attention. I sigh and get out of bed slowly. Then walk over to the window. He then looks down and i realize what i am wearing. I had a purple and black sports bra on and black boxers. I run over and grab a jumper. He is now bashing on the window. His face is filled with anger. I unlocked the knob on the window. He bursted through the widow and pushed me out of the way. He started yelling at me. "hurry the fuck up steph pack ya crap and get out before ya parents hear" he said grabbing me by the arm. His finger nails clented into my skin. He yelled at me again and forced me down stairs. I didnt know what to do. I live near the beach waves crashing and as tears rolling down my cheeks. Him still clenching onto my forearm.

Zayns pov
All of us guys r in Australia at the moment. Niall and harry r here for a reason. They r here visiting relatives. Loui and i decided to sneak out and ditch the boys because liam decided to make us all watch toy story. I put on some good jeans a hoodie. Loui did the same. We sneaked out the back door. We walked for a while until we found an ally way behind some houses. We were joking around until we heard a high pitch scream and a deep yell. Loui's smile wiped of his face for once.

Loui's pov
I had adrenaline rushing through my vains because we had sneaked out past paul and all the boys. We were in an alley way. We were laughing to some joke i made until we hear a scream and a yell. I turn to zayn and i realize that he had run towards to the sound. I ran after him to find a actually pretty girl and a quite muscly boy.

Hollie pov
Me and tarni were ready to go and check on steph because she wasnt answering her phone. Even though it is 2:00 in the morning and we live quite close to steph. Tarni was sleeping over at my house anyway. Stephs house is 2 stories with a roof top terris and we walk into her driveway and see her bedroom window open. We always sneak in so we know where the spare key is. Under the pot plant at the porch. I had shorts and a black hoodie on and tarni was wearing grey sweats and a singlet with a cardigan. We got upto her room and she wasnt there her window was wide open. She must of snuck out to be with that retard brax. I said to tarni. She replied with a face like she had eaten a lemon. We left and heard a scream. We knew that scream. "ITS STEPH" tarni screamed and running towards the sound. We were both quite fast runners so we were there in no time.

Tarni's pov
I ran faster than i had ever run before. Hollie was hot on my tail. We got to steph and she was struggling with a guy. Then i realized it was brax. They were auguring. "i am not being involved with any of ur criminal shit anymore brax" she yelled. He had anger filled in his eyes. I then saw 2 figures heading towards them to. We were a bit away from them. He hit her in the stomach and fled. Brushing past the 2 people. Me and hollie ran over to her to help her up. Then the 2 people came and helped "oh my god is she okay?" said one of them. I realized they were both boys and they both had heavy british accents.

Stephs pov
He had grasp of my hand firmly. He had planned this event for a while now but he said he wouldnt include me so i didnt worry about it. I didnt want to call the cops on him while he had possession of a gun. When he pulled me out of the house i knew that he did it tonight. I saw he had a gun and a bag of money...i guess. We stopped in the middle it of the alley. I screamed hoping someone would hear me. He started yelling and hit me hard and forceful in the arm. I yelled at him again. He hit me right in the stomach and fled the scene. Everything was going blurry but i held on. I heard 2 girl voices and 2 boy voices. Suddenly i heard hollie and tarni's voices and they were helping me up. Then i heard the 2 boys talk. British accents, i like it. I started blacking out.

Zayns pov
We ran over to this girl that had been hurt right in front of me and lou. She wasnt really responding and i realized that 2 other girls with Australian accents, helping her i presumed that they were her friends. She was drifting away. I picked her up and yelled at one. Of the girls. She had long blonde hair and had a beanie on. "where does she live" i said. She ushered me and lou to her house quickly.

Loui's pov
"ring triple zero" the girl with long brown hair said almost crying. I did so and a lady answered the phone "what is your dilemma sir?" i didnt know what to Do so i handed the girl with brown hair the phone. She said an address and hung up the phone with "and hurry with that". I looked at the girl in zayns arms that had tears in her cheeks she now was out cold.

Stephs pov
I woke up outside my house in some really cute guys arms. I had seen his face before. Zayn malik.....no it couldnt be i brushed it off as i heard sirens. Coming down the street. I got put in a stretcher as i tried to move i winced in pain to see blood all over my body and bruising. The other boy looked really stressed and tarni and hollie where in tears. "what happened" i said and then blacked out.

Zayns pov
She had a beautiful voice. She got loaded into the ambulance. Only one person could go with her. "hollie go now we will meet you at the hostpital." said the girl with blonde hair. The girl with brown hair, which i guess is hollie, got into the blue and white ambulance." "can u please take me to the hospital. I cant drive" the blonde one said.

Tarni's pov
I pleaded to the boy with black hair and a blonde streak in hair. He smiled and we hopped into his black BMW. the other boy sat in the front and i sat in the back nearly crying. Zayns phone rang. "hey....um" he said and turned to me "tarni" i said cause i hadnt told him my name yet. "hey tarni could u please answer my phone for me. It is probably just harry or niall" he said. I nodded and took the phone to answer it. The caller Id said "Haz" and a picture of harry styles. Oh my god they r louis tomlinson and zayn malik. I answered the call to a slow husky voice. "hello zayn where r u man?" i didnt known what to say. "ummmm.....". I looked over to zayn. "um who is this" i replied awkwardly "um tarni i answered for zayn phone" i replied shakily. "um who r u and where is zayn" it was really awkward "zayn is coming with me to the hospital." i plainly answered "WHY THE FUCK IS ZAYN GOING TO THE HOSPITAL AND THE HELL R U!" he screamed into the phone "um......" i stuttered and he hung up the phone just as we pulled to the hospital parking lot.

Harry's POV
I hung up the phone in disbelief, i couldn't beleive zayn is in hospital. I rushed in the car and went straight to the hospital. I ran in and asked for Mr Maliks room. The lady answered saying that she doesn't know what i am talking about. I am confused but still panicked. I was looking everywhere, when i see loui, zayn and an unknown girl, she was crying and loui was comforting her. "ZAYN" i shouted. He started to tear up and i took him by the shoulders and led him over to a hospital chair. "zayn what the hell is happening!" he wiped away a tear and started to explain. "um well me and lou snuck out and we saw a girl and went to help her because she was being assaulted by some guy. and that girl" and he pointed to the blonde and continued. "and her name is tarni and its her friend that is hurt" he got interrupted by the doctor storming through the door.

Zayn's POV
As I was talking to harry, the doctor stormed through and said "is anyone here for miss Victoria? We all raised our hand, except for harry who was still confused. The doctor said that we could all go in the room, cause she was awake. We all were walking through twhen tarni rushed through and got in first.

Tarni's POV
I rushed through not caring about anyone else, but Steph. Hollie was standing next to her. I ran over to Steph and hugged her tight. Ouch, she said, awww sorry. "Where is the that was carrying me..
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