Why Me?

This story is about 3 best friends who live in the gold coast, their names are Hollie, Tarni and Steph. Steph's Ex boyfriend isn't a nice person and will do what ever it takes to be with her again. Will he get to Steph or will a certain five boys pretect her....
Tarnis dad doesnt like one of the boys and doesn't let her go out with him, what will she do to get the man of her dreams......
And Hollie well you will find out about her soon......


2. Who was the boy that was carrying me?

Where is that boy who was carrying me.....?

Steph POV
Everyone stepped back, and there was only one person left standing right In the middle.
He was........ Just...... Amazing!
Um...............that would be me. He said kinda shy.
I didn't know what to say. No words were able to escape my mouth.
Luckily, my friends new me well. And changed the subject.
So..... What's your names? Hollie said.
Oh I'm Loui, and this is Zayn.
Are you alright? Zayn asked worried.
Yeah I'm fine my stomach hurts a lot. And as you can see my arm is broken.
I knew that brax person was trouble, Tarni said under her breath but I heard it.
It's not my fault he said he wouldn't involve me in what he was.......
Before I could finish, the tv had breaking news.
BREAKING NEWS. SOMEONE IN BLACK CLOTHING HAS ROBBED A BANK. Any information about this mater. Please call crime stoppers ASAP.
Wow, how could someone do that. With all the security, and cameras.
Loui said.
Sorry, you isn't quiet finish your sentence love, what was that?
Oh....my....god.... He just called me love, in that super cute British accent.
I came back to reality. And realized that I would have told everyone about what he did. Thankgod for the news.
Oh nothing don't worry.
Are you sure?
Yeah, it's all good.
At that moment, a nurse walked in and said that I had to stay for one night. Just for tests and things. She then walked out and Tarni started specking
H= Hollie T= Tarni Z= Zayn L=Loui S= Steph
T- Oh I'm sorry, I got work tomorrow. But I'm sure Hollie can stay.....right?
H- uhhh..... Ummm.. I'm so sorry, but I've got this family thing to go to and my mum is forcing me to go.
S- oh ok, it's not your fault, ill be fine.
Z- I can stay if you want........?
T- YES! Ye he can stay.
S- are you sure?? I mean I have only known you.... For.....actually 5 minutes.
Z- I won't hurt you. It's alright, he said with a half smile.
S- haha okay Thankyou.
L- well I'm goning to go take harry home and I will hit the sheets. So I hope you get better. And stay away from that brax dude.
S- yes I will try my very best.

Louis POV
I saw stephs friend Tarni. Wow. Is all I can say. She is beautiful. Literally. I winked at her and left. She. Blushes and turned to look the other way.
She was so cute!

Tarni POV
Well I got to go, cya Steph, hope you feel better I will tell your parents what happened and I will be back here tomorrow to PIck you up after my shift. Tarni said and embraced me in a hug.

Hollie POV
Yeah same will me, and I hope you feel better tomorrow, get a good night rest. And Zayn you better look after her. Hollie said and hugged me tightly.

Zayn POV
It was just me and Steph now. It was a bit awkward, untill I came up with a game we could play.
So.... Would you like to play, question for question ?
Yeah sounds fun you first. She said in her Australian Accent. Oh god she was adorable.
Z- Zayn s- Steph
Z- Ok, where are you from? I asked.
S- Australia, QLD Brisbane.
S- alright, where do you come from?
Z- Bradford
S- ahhhh ok. Interesting
Z- What do you do for your life.
S- I'm a professional dancer, but I do part time shifts at a little cafe across the street, just to have cash in my pocket.
Z- awesome, how long have you been dancing for?
S- for about... Wait, it's my turn to ask questions!
Z- oh right sorry, ok go ahead.
S- what do you do for your carrier?
Z- woah what? I thought.....
S- thought what?
Z- um nothing. Do you recognize me from anywhere?
S- uhh no. Why would I?
Z- ok well, I'm in a band. Named One Direction. And not sounding stuck up here, but we are extremely famous, and there will be a lot of paparazzi taking pictures. I'm not surprised if they are right now.

Steph POV
I was speechless. Holy crap. He probably has a girlfriend then.
That can be my next question. If he is single.

S- wow! Your in a band! Omg that would be awesome!
Z- yeah, sometimes it's not though.
S- I understand. So you can ask me a question now.
Z- how long have you been dancing for?
S- well I'm 19. So I have been doing modeling now for 1...2.....3..4... 5 years.
Z- wow! And your a pro already?
S- yeah well, my parents were always out on a business trip so I always went to Dan e classes. And I pick up things really quick so yeah.
Z- I would love to see you dance sometime.
S- yeah maybe. Ok my question.
This was the moment of truth. I hope he was single cause I didn't want to be embarrassed.
Are you single?
Z- uhhhh taken.
S- ( damn it! ) oh o who's the lucky girl.
Z- her name is Perrie, Perrie Edwards. She is pretty.... And Nice but...
S- but what?
Z- she is not for me.
S- what do you mean?
Z-I don't love her. But she is madly in love with me.
S- do why don't you dump her?
Z- she has something against me.
S- Like.......?
Z- I can't say sorry. Any way I ask you a question now.
S- ok.
Z- are you single?
S- single and ready to mingle. Once I'm out of here.
Z- haha well you will be tomorrow.
S- yeah, we'll I'm tired I going to get some rest. night, and seriously... Thankyou for staying.
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