Why Me?

This story is about 3 best friends who live in the gold coast, their names are Hollie, Tarni and Steph. Steph's Ex boyfriend isn't a nice person and will do what ever it takes to be with her again. Will he get to Steph or will a certain five boys pretect her....
Tarnis dad doesnt like one of the boys and doesn't let her go out with him, what will she do to get the man of her dreams......
And Hollie well you will find out about her soon......


5. Movie time

Zayns POV
"Who wants to watch a movie"? I yelled.
"Me" everyone yelled.
"Okay what should we watch"?
"Toy story"!
"No dear John!" Steph yelled out. I decided to choose the one steph yelled out. I put it on and sat backdown next to her to watch it.
" I'll get the pop corn!" Niall yelled.
When he came back Niall sat next to tarni. Harry sat next to Hollie and I sat next to Steph.
It was a chick flick but I didn't care, if steph wanted to watch it everyone would watch it. She's been through a lot lately. I didn't know if I was falling for her or not.

Hollie's POV
I sat next to Harry and it was awkward but it was a good awkward. Harry slid his hand around my waist and it felt right. I didn't move I just looked at him and he smiled.
I saw steph and zayn sitting next to each other. They would make a good couple.

The movie had finished and it was 7:00pm so Liam jumped up and put on toy story of course. "Do you wanna go for a walk" Harry asked me. "Sure" I said while I hopped up. We didn't bother to tell the boys we just walked off.

Harry's POV
Liam decided to put on toy story which I really didn't fell like watching for the 100th time so I thought I might ask Hollie if she wanted to go for a walk and it would be a good chance to talk to her again. "Do you wanna go for a walk" Harry i asked her. "Sure". We hopped up and headed out the door.
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