Why Me?

This story is about 3 best friends who live in the gold coast, their names are Hollie, Tarni and Steph. Steph's Ex boyfriend isn't a nice person and will do what ever it takes to be with her again. Will he get to Steph or will a certain five boys pretect her....
Tarnis dad doesnt like one of the boys and doesn't let her go out with him, what will she do to get the man of her dreams......
And Hollie well you will find out about her soon......


3. Chapter 3

Authors note:
Zayn is with Perrie and Liam and Danielle arnt together anymore.Loui is with eleanor he just thinks tarni is pretty. And she is a dancer not a model I just got mixed up :) sorry about the inconvenience.

Hollies POV

I get bad for leaving her with a boy she only met 5 minutes ago, but something told me I could trust him. I saw his friend harry, outside the room.
Wow. Is all I can say.
He looked confused but loui then came out and said that Zayn was going to stay and they were gonna go home.
As I was walking outside to catch a taxi I felt someone lightly pull my arm, I turned around to see who it was and to my surprise it was Harry. "Where are you going Hollie", he questioned me. "Umm to catch a taxi to my family's house", I answered a bit confused. "Let me take you", he gave me a half smile. "But.." Before I could answer he interrupted. "No I insist you've already been through enough today. "Okay then". He lead me to his car and he opened the passenger seat door, he is such a gentlemen I thought. Thank you harry, I said as I got in his car.

Tarni POV

Loui is cute. But he's not my cup of tea if you know what I mean. I saw Hollie checking harry out. She probably likes him

Steph POV

I woke up and saw Zayn next to me on a blue chair. He looked so cute when he was asleep.
He woke up and looked around trying to remember where he was.
"Morning. How are you feeling?" He asked. While yawning.
Morning and yeah I'm feeling good actually. When do I get to go home? I asked.
Umm I not sure. I will go check. Ill be right back.
Alright thanks.
As he left and closed the door behind him, his phone buzzed.
I looked at it and didn't know weather to pick it up or not.
I know I shouldn't but I'm a very noisy person. I got the phone and looked at the message.
Hey babe. Where did you get up to last night? I missed you xox
Perrie <3 I put the phone down and lied back down.
' why did he have to have a girlfriend? Why did all the dissent guys have to be taken?'
As I was in my own little world, Zayn entered the room and said I was allowed to go home.
Yay! Glad not to be eating hospital food for another day.

Niall's POV

I hear the door open thinking that its the boys so I quickly walked out of room and it was Zayn with a mid-height girl with dark brown hair.
"Hey guys, this is Steph, She was the one in the hospital, I hope use don't mind if he stays till her friends come back to pick her up", Zayn said. I was a bit confused as to what happened but I just shook it off.

Steph's POV

"So why were you at the hospital", Niall asked. As soon as he said that memories came flooding back of brax beating me up. Tears started to fall down my cheeks. I ran up stairs and into someone's room which looked like it was Zayn's. I felt really bad for running out on them but I couldn't help it. Like 1 minute later Zayn came running in, "there you are, I started to get worried that you ran away". I quickly whipped my tears away, "sorry I just..", "hey don't worry about it it's not your fault". I just shook my head and looked away. He put his hand on my cheek and turned my head to face him. "Hey it is not your fault, you can't help getting up set", Zayn lent in and kissed me. It was amazing. I smiled at him. "Come on let's go back down to Niall his probably feeling bad", I just shock my head and we walked back down to Niall.
Hey I'm sorry for being such an idiot. I said to Niall.
Your not an idiot, don't call yourself that. Don't worry. Just tell me when your ready. Niall said in his heavy Irish accent.
Zayn can tell you when I leave.
"Sure "
" so what do you want to do while we wait for your friends. Zayn said.
Truth or Dare! Loui shouted out.
We all gathered in the lounge room except for Liam cause he was ordering a pizza since we were all hungry. After he did we started playing truth or dare.
Ill start loui said to everyone really loud.
Ok, truth or dare Steph?
Would you go out with Zayn?
Zayn looked at Steph waiting for an answer.
If I got to know him more than yes I would. I said, looking at loui.
Okay my turn.
Truth or dare... Niall
Dare! Niall said
Okay I dare you to, run outside the front of this house and say, I love Obama.
Okay sure!
We heard him yelling, and neighbors telling him to shut up. We started cracking up laughing.

Narrators POV

This game kept going on for a while till Hollie and Tarni rang the doorbell.
Niall went to go answer it.
Hello... Is this Zayns place? Is Steph here?
Ye.. Yeah she is... Come in. Niall said while looking at Tarni.
Thank you.

Nialls POV

WOW Tarni looks just .. WOW she is so pretty. I was stuttering with my words, I finally got a come in out of my mouth. Before I knew it Harry was sitting with Hollie on the couch. I wish I was as confident as him. I walked over to the kitchen to get some good and when I came out I decided to go and do a twitcam. "Hello everyone", I said out loud to all my viewers. I talked and answered their questions until I heard a knock at the door and a Australian accent, Tarni I thought so I decided I would end the twitcam, "guys I gotta go, bye"*twitcam ended*. "come in", I yelled. Tarni came walking in and sat at the end of my bed. "So what brings you in here", I asked. "Well it was getting quite boring down there and I wanted to get to know you", she answered and then smiled at me. "Hey do you wanna play 20 questions then", I asked excitedly. "Sure she said happily. * N=Niall and T=tarni*

" N. Okay ill go first".

"N. are you single".

"T. Yes I am".
Well that's a good thing,

"T. Are you?"

"N. yes"
"N. what's a secret that no body knows".

"T. Ummm I've never been kissed".
"WHAT how is that possible your like the prettiest girl ever", wait did I just say that out loud, :/
"Thanks Niall", she said as she giggled.

Tarni's POV

Did he just call me the prettiest girl ever, wow that's the first time someone who barely knows me has ever said something so sweet to me. He was so cute... Was I falling for this boy......

Harry's POV

As I walked down the stairs I realized that Hollie and her friend tarni were there. I quickly went down to sit next to her. "Hello again", I say cheekily. "hello Styles". We start talking for a while and then I realize that Niall and Tarni were gone. "I wonder were Niall and tarni went", I said.

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