my best friends brother

haley and cindy have been best friends for like ever and when haley ask cindy why she always acts like she was brothers with them then she gets her answer


1. why didnt she tell me

haleys P.O.V.

i was with my best friend, cindy at my house. i love one direction and whenver i talk about them to her she acts as if she was brothers with them.

"why do you act as if you were brothers with one of them or all of them when i talk about them to you"

BECAUSE I AM" she quickly said. She covered her mouth my heart skipped 2 beats. I just stared at her in shock. Why hasn’t she told me before? Then it hit me her surname was ommot it was tommo backwards. ‘‘Oh my carrots why didn’t you tell ME'' I yelled at her "I thought we were best friends we were supposed to tell each other everything’’. ‘I’m sorry” she quickly responded with a single tear falling from her eye.  “But why” my voice calmed down. “Because no one was supposed to know except for family. Please don’t tell anyone if my parents find out they will kill me” she said with tears streaming down her face. “ I wont tell anyone and im sorry for yelling at you I was just a little mad since you never told me and we’ve been best friends for like ever”. “ its okay and im sorry for not telling you”. With that we hugged each other. Our hugs meaning BFFS 4eva.



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