my best friends brother

haley and cindy have been best friends for like ever and when haley ask cindy why she always acts like she was brothers with them then she gets her answer


3. waking up

                                                                  Cindys p.o.v.

Oh my god. She fainted, AGAIN! So much for the idea of bringing her to see one direction. I should’ve known she would do this. then I thought of something. I whispered in all their ears and they all nodded with devious smiles. We went into the kitchen and filled a jug to the top with -50 degree water with freezing ice. We walked into the living room and “splash” the water went all over her.

                                                                       Haleys p.o.v

Everything was black then all of a sudden freezing water was all over my body. As I jumped up from the fright I fell off the couch and landed on my back on the I stood up I noticed were I was. I WAS IN THE HOUSE OF ONE DIRECTION.

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