my best friends brother

haley and cindy have been best friends for like ever and when haley ask cindy why she always acts like she was brothers with them then she gets her answer


14. The prank

I got out my phone and called niall first I explained and he liked the idea I asked him to call Harry and i will call zayn and Liam. "Ok" he said. " see you later" he said. I repeated and hung up. Next I called zayn. I explained and he accepted. I heard a light tap at the door right before I was about to call Liam. I opened it and niall invited himself In "and hi to you to" I said lightly and chuckled . All of a sudden I heard footsteps coming down stairs. "HIDE" I said to niall as pushed him down so he was crouching behind the couch. I ran to the kitchen and went into the cupboard to make in look like I was looking for something. Lottie walked into the kitchen without noticing niall. "What are you doing here?" Asked lottie. " Im looking for-" I picked something random out of the cupboard "uh these" I told her. " what about you?" I asked. Oh me and fiz are hungry so I'm getting something for us" she said while picking out 2 big packets of smiths salt and vinegar chips."bye"she said cheerfully while walking towards the stairs I sighed a sigh of relief when she came back to me " one minute have you made up your mind yet?" She asked. " um not yet". "Ok" she said. And walked upstairs. As soon as I heard the door shut I walked over to niall and helped him up. All of a sudden there was another knock at the door. I opened it and there was a Harry standing there. " hi " he said as I stood aside to let him in " hi " I replied . I closed the door and he sat on the couch. We sat there talking softly while waiting for zayn and -LIAM. I forgot to call him.! I excuse myself and call Liam. " hello" he asks "Liam come over ASAP". I reply."ok" he says and hangs soon as he hangs up there was another knock at the door. Zayn walks in.
~ 5 minutes later~
Another knock at the door only this time it was louder. I heard footsteps coming from upstairs I started panicking. I told the boys to hide in the kitchen as I opened the door for Liam I told him also. both of them come down and ask who was at the door. " nobody my phone was on full blast and Liam texted me". I lied. "Ok" they both said at the same time. And walked upstairs. I got all the boys on the couch again and I explained to Liam. " you guys you know this is wrong" he said. "We know but it's only a little joke". Zayn said. " yeah and when they give you a silent treatment it's only gonna be a little joke" Liam said under his breath but load enough for all of us to hear it.
~prank time~

" you guys are such pathetic losers" I yelled at them (lying). "We'll at least i stay skinny with all the food I eat " niall yelled. " well I'm the hottest in the band!" Harry yelled. All of a sudden Lott and fiz ran down stair. "GUYS STOP" they yelled. " why should we?" Yelled zayn .
Lotties point of view

Oh no this is bad. Why do they boy have to argue. " STOP!" I yelled but they were arguing who was the hottest. "Omg boys" I thought to myself. I ran into the fight an tried to push them apart but then zayn punched Louis. Then all of them were rolling on the ground beating each other up.

Louis pov

I can't believe how realising or fake fighting was. It was so believable.

~ 20 minutes after argument is done~

We all started high fiving each other while Lott and fiz were just staring at us in shock realising it was all set up. Lottie ran upstairs and I think that she slammed the door so hard you could hear it from miles away. Fiz ran up with all of us and we tried opening the door but it was locked. I banged in the door " lottie let me in". There was no sound. "Maybe just leave her for a bit she's gonna have to come out sooner or later"fiz recommended. We agreed and ordered some pizza.

~half an hour later~

Fizzys pov

I walked up to my room and knocked on the door. -no reply-. " lottie let me in" I said knocking on the door once more. -still no reply-. I ran downstairs to Louis and told him lottie has gone. " how do you know?" He asked. " she hasn't replied to me when I talk to her,- she never does that. Louis looked worried he went to the key drawer and grabbed out all the keys because we didn't know which one was which. After lots of key trying we finally found the right one we ran in and she wasn't there. The window was open when I. Completely remember it being closed. There was a leter on the table saying :

Hi guys sorry for what I did I was very worried and when realised it was all a prank I got really mad. I need some time and space to think and sorry

-lottie Xx
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