my best friends brother

haley and cindy have been best friends for like ever and when haley ask cindy why she always acts like she was brothers with them then she gets her answer


10. Returning home

I put the nandos in the passenger seat next to me and got in. I was still wondering why I could hear faint yelling as I was leaving.

~10 minutes later~

I returned and it was as silent as ever, " I HAVE THE NANDOS" I called out but no one came. I could also hear faint crying coming from Cindy's room. I ran in there to see what was wrong.

She was sitting on her bed crying I approached her and asked what was wrong. She didn't reply. 3 seconds later she started telling me what was wrong. " you know how I told you Lou was going to take me camping?". "yeah" "well the day he's taking me camping is the day they're going to one of their biggest concerts of the year!" she exclaimed. "keep going" " and they got into a fight and I over heard Lou saying this" "that's it I've had it with you Cindy's my sister and I know she's been looking forward to that day for a long time and you know what I quit I quit the band !". My eyes started to tear up also and we cried together
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