my best friends brother

haley and cindy have been best friends for like ever and when haley ask cindy why she always acts like she was brothers with them then she gets her answer


7. Realy?

One thing i couldnt under stand last night was why was louis blushing? I divided to have a quick look at my shirt last night and it said  in big letters I LOVE LOUIS TOMLINSON oh no. This isn't the one I wanted to WEAR. I probably looked like a fool in front of everyone.In the afternoon i decided to go home.My mum always told me that Cindy and I always look the same, as in facial things like eye colour is the Same and our lips are in the same position with the same colour, which is very light red. Our hair colour was both light brown the only thing different was the nose hers looked exactly like louis's. Mine was slopped. Since we both looked the same I was a little suspicious So I asked my mum where my birth certificate was she gave me a suspicious look and asked why. " well since me and Cindy look the same, I was just wondering if we might be related" I simply told her " sorry hun I don't know where it is". I could she the guilt in her eyes I knew she was lying. This question went round and round my head... Could we be related? 

Mums P.O.V

I knew her and Cindy are virtually sisters but I didn't have the guts to tell her. Cindy and louis know that haley is their sister but this is a huge secrite.What if she hated me because I don't tell her before. I told her I didn't know where it is because I knew she would find it sooner or later. Knowing her if she wants something she'll get it. The story of how she was sisters with Cindy and Louis is this; I had married someone else and Louis and Cindy were born after that there father left me because money was tight and he said he will take the children to help. But he lived across the instead of having a relationship we just became great friends and we still are. Then I me Haley's father at a park. We got married and had Haley. So virtually I have 3 children. I just sat there thinking she's my daughter she wouldn't hurt me so I finally got the guts to tell her. I told her " Haley sweetie I have something to tell you" she was tuned in " we'll Haley,you Cindy and Louis, are all siblings" she just sat there frozen, then out of nowhere she got up and ran to the toilet and made pretend vomiting noises.she came back and yelled WHAT. Told her the story and she believed me. I said her middle name was Tomlinson and last name was Stranieri. She said "I know my last name is Stranieri DUHHH"I laughed. She said "does Cindy and Louis know?"
I replied "yes" her smile reached all the way to her ears then the smile faded " does that mean I was in love with my brother and have 5 posters of him on my WALL?" I laughed again "yes" this time she bent over and made the vomiting sound again.

Haley's pov 

Ok so now that I am officially related to my BFF and a rock star, I am confused I walked to Cindy's house and knocked on the door she came out. I told her we are sisters and she replied "I know but I am so glad you know aswell" so we both squealed. And she suddenly laughed "what's so funny" I asked her she struggled to talk because of all the laughing she finally made out her words" you were in love with.. Your ..own brother" then she bursted out into laughter with tears coming down her face because she was laughing so much. I could feel my cheeks burning up. She told me to come in and I walked over to Louis. I told him something."umm Louis I am your sister so that shirt you saw last night I swear to god was not supposed to have that on the back". His face turned all red because he was trying to hold a laugh. But it didnt work. He suddenly bursted out into laughter. Tears streaming down his face because of how hard he was laughing.I slapped him playfully and yelled "NOT FUNNY" which just made him burst into more laughter. The rest of the boys came out the kitchen and asked whats so funny.

Authers note: sorry for the short chapters does this make up for the short ones
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