my best friends brother

haley and cindy have been best friends for like ever and when haley ask cindy why she always acts like she was brothers with them then she gets her answer


11. No you can't

Ok so now the biggest boy band in the world is splitting up just because of a camping trip. I have to do something. I go to louis room he's just laying down in the best, his eyes all red and puffy from crying. "Louis don't worry you can just change the date of the camping trip. No big deal ". " actually yes it IS A big deal!" He yelled. " this always happens and management doesn't even care what we think. And IM SICK OF IT ". "But Lou-" "NO HAYLEY JUST NO IM QUITING THE BAND AND THAT'S THAT!" He said while pushing me of the bed and out the door he slammed it it my face. I started sobbing again and went back to cindy's room." What did he say?" She asked. " he said he's quitting and that's that!." I told her. I sobbed Into her pillow . "Ok this is bad" I thought to myself. AHA I got it ! I told cindy the plan. This will work.

Cindy's pov

This plan was perfect ok go time! . I went to Louis room and I said to him " LOUIS if you make up with the rest of the boys and get back in the band only then will I allow you to take me camping". " but I can't they always do this" . He said. "Well then I won't go" I said simply. "Al-alright" he said.


So is he going to join the band or will he not. If this gets to 2500 likes then he will stay if not the band is gone. I will post the next chapter in 2 weeks time.
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