my best friends brother

haley and cindy have been best friends for like ever and when haley ask cindy why she always acts like she was brothers with them then she gets her answer


9. My auto graph???

Haley's p.o.v

"Ok so now I was related to Louis AND Cindy. I'm guessing it's time to rip down all the posters I have if my um brother" I thought to myself. Niall interrupted my thoughts by asking me if I could make Him a sandwich. I laughted and went to the kitchen. He didn't tell me what he wanted so I just made ham cheese and tomato. I gave the sandwich to Niall and he chomped it down like there was no next minute. Zayn and Harry where talking when all of a sudden Harry and Zayn BURSTED out laughing. Tears where streaming down from their eyes of laughter of course. I asked what was so funny but all they did was laugh even harder. " hay do you guys want nandos" I asked. "YES" they all said. Zayn and Harry even stopped laughing to reply. " ok I'll be back in 10 minutes" I replied. When I left, I could hear faint shouting conning from the house, I didn't know what it was about though because I knew they are the best of friends. When I got to nandos, a few girls came up to me and asked for an autograph. I asked why and they said "well aren't you the sister of louis.t?" " I guess so" I replied " well that's why we want your autograph!". I said sure and gave them my autograph. I was thinking to myself " how did they know I only found out YESTERDAY!" . Anyway I took the nandos payed for it then left.
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