my best friends brother

haley and cindy have been best friends for like ever and when haley ask cindy why she always acts like she was brothers with them then she gets her answer


13. I'm back

Louis p.o.v

Alright I've thought about this hard. I am going back on the band!. Now that I'm getting back in the band, I wanna play a little prank on fiz and Lott. I'm not going to tell them I'm back, invite the lads over, apologise, they forgive me, and I'll make sure I sneak them in so Lott and fiz don't come down an we will pretend to have a fight. PERFECT idea!!!


Ok I'm going to make a new chapter and leave this like it is I know it's short but i will update with it and ill make sure the next chapter is much MUCH longer.
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