the bandos godsword

its a story about a young boy getting hes dream item and friendship


1. the noob


one day a young person made a account on runescape.   he played hours and hours and gained levels, but he thought it was slow   he's friend told him to get membership, for better experience of the game and on his skills.   so, he bought membership, and was amazed on how popular the member worlds were.   he trained hours and hours to gain the lvl of 90 in combat, so he would be able to kill boss monsters    with hes friends.   once he reached level 90 hes friend told him 90 is to low to kill godwars monsters, so he told him to gain a lvl of 110.   the young boy played for weeks to gain the lvl of 110, and spent countless hours at the yak's and bandits.   untill one day, he saw a player with a huge sword, and he asked: what sword is that your wielding?   the player responded with: a bandos godsword.   the young boy asked the player, how can i get one? i love it!   the player responded: you can get the hilt from the bandos godwars, so the young boy said: ok! i will go to bandos!   the young boy, spend all hes money he earned since he played on supplies and armour to go to bandos, and looked up guides on how to kill the beast.   the young boy asked hes friends if they could go bandos to get a bandos hilt, so hes friend toke him to bandos.   the young boy and hes friend spend alot of days at bandos, but without any luck, the boy asked hes friend: if we get a bandos hilt can i keep it?   the friend responded: no, we will sell it and split the wealth.     the young boy was a little dissapointed because, he wanted the godsword so bad.   after days at bandos and countless hours killing general graardor, they only recieved rune items, and no bandos items.   the young boy was very dissapointed and wanted to get a godsword.   one day, the young boy was alone and hes friend wasn't on runescape so he wanted to go solo the bandos boss.   he went there with all hes good gear and weapons, but then he died.   he ran back to get hes items from hes grave, but it was to late.   a person at the bandos boss toke hes items, and refused to give him hes items he worked so hard for back.   the boy was sad, and told to him self: i will get the bandos godsword no matter what!   so, he went to varrock and he worked very hard to make money, he mined iron ore and sold them on the grand exchange.   he fished lobsters, and cut yew tree's for their logs.   after many weeks collecting the items he sold them all, and bought a good gear to go bandos.   he went back to bandos solo! but this time he was prepared, and he managed to kill bandos.   after many many days, he didn't recieve a item at bandos, but he leveled up hes combat stats while he was there.   then one day, he saw a other friend and he told him how long he spend at bandos trying to get the hilt he wanted so bad.   the friend asked: were you using a ring of wealth?   and the young boy responded: ring of wealth? what is that?   hes friend said its a imbued dragonstone ring, which will increase your chance on getting very good items!   the young boy said: i spend all my money on supplies and gear, i can't afford a ring of wealth with a sad face :(   hes friend traded him and gave him a ring of wealth and said: thats for you, just don't lose it its very rare!   the young boy was very happy, and he went to bandos again.   after 3 hours he finally got it: a bandos hilt!   he was very happy, but he was confused because he couldn't wear it.   so he asked hes friend: how can i wear a bandos hilt?   the friend responded: you need a godsword blade, created from 3 different godsword shards.   the young boy said: i don't have that :( and cried.   hes friend said: if you go bandos for a while, you might get the shards! they are not very rare.   so the young boy, said ok! and he went to bandos.   after 2 weeks of bandos, he had a godsword shard 1, and a godsword shard 3.   he was happy, but he didn't have the last part.   he was all out of supplies, and didn't have anymore money to go to bandos.   he was trying to gain money from fishing again, when hes friend came up to him and said:   weren't you killing bandos to get the godsword shards? and the young boy responded sadly: i don't have any supplies anymore.   hes friend said, did you get any godsword shards? and the young boy said: yes i got 2 out of 3 :(   hes friend smiled, and gave him the godsword shard 2!   the young boy was very happy and jumped in the air for joy.   the young boy created the godsword blade with the shards   and used the godsword blade with the bandos hilt.   he created: the Bandos Godsword.    and he slayed many noobs and other bosses and turned out to be the best player killer ever.   The end                 Runescape name: Tenerife            
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