I can't live without you


Hele familien lever i ro og fred, og Bella er stadigvæk menneske. Forholdet mellem Jasper og Alice går på skinner, indtil Jasper overfalder Bella, og suger en del af hendes blod. Han kunne have dræbt hende hvis Alice ikke havde fået ham væk. Jasper og Alice's forhold ryger af skinnerne og de skændes. Konstant. Uden ord. En dag kommer der ord på og Jasper ender med at ikke kunne styre sig, og slår Alice. Alice forlader ham og han fortryder så meget...

Engelsk Fanfiction.


2. Chapter 2.


It was friday aftenoon. About 5 pm. It was raining outside. I was sitting at the window and starring out at the rain, the thunder and all the lights. I had a book in my hand. My yellow eyes searched for the car I was waiting for. Alice.. And Edward were at their way home from school. I didn't went to school today. And then I saw it. A black car came. I saw Alice's golden, beautiful angel eyes through the glass. She smiled at me. I smiled back.
I heard Esme was talking to Edward when they came in. I went out to talk to Alice.

"Hi Jazz." She said. Her beautiful voice was like heroin to me.

"Hi. How was your day?" I said. I took her hand and brought her close to me.

"It was okay. I've missed you." She said. Her hand went to my chin and I smiled down at her.

"I love you, Al." I said, full of love and truth.

"I love you too." She replied, and kissed me. Before I knew it my arme went around her waist and I looked into her eyes.

Then.. A smell came. This incredible beautiful smell. And it was a smell of blood. I turned around, and without taking a breath I ran through the house. I couldn't help it, a thirst. The thirst after the blood. I wanted to taste it so bad.

"NO! Jasper, Stop!" Alice screamed, but Jasper was gone. I was a monster. The monster inside me. I saw Bella, the blood ran down her chin, she came closer really fast. Edward turned around, everything happened so fast, I couldn't help it. I needed to taste her blood. My teeth in her skin, that sound when I bit through it. I heard a scream and some arms grapped my chest. I felt to small hands on my chins and I needed to look into her eyes. Alice's eyes. She would cry if she could, her eyes were big. They looked into mine, my red eyes. I felt like a monster. That were how it began..

Hi. I'm 13 years old, and my main language isn't English, so there may be mistakes, but it'll be better, I promise! :)


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