Quik and the Dragon

A Runescape adventure, based on the game and using actual places and beasts in the game. However, the actual fight contains moves that are not programmed into the game.

Quik, our heroine, makes her living by slaying dragons. She has job of killing some sick and destructive dragons that had caused a death in a native village.


5. The Mother of all Battles

     The big steel was not eyeing her now, but its actions earlier told Quik not to take it for granted she was not seen or sensed.  This was a veteran of fights, a master of cunning and adept at deceit.  She was still a bit far away to see underlying muscles moving, but the sudden shift in stance told her all she needed to know.  She was both seen and targeted.  There was no question this time.  She gave her whip a gentle quiver and a shake and smiled.  She knew better than to be overconfident… but she also knew how to work a dragon.  That shake of her whip also told the dragon it was seen, and it turned its full attention on her, everything in its demeanor saying “I know you, and I will be eating your bones for breakfast.”  “We shall see who has breakfast this day!” She thought.


     Quik eased out from the wall a bit to give herself room to move.  She assumed a defensive stance, choosing to let the dragon reveal its moves and teach her its postures but also its weaknesses.  She also felt good with that tactic, her instincts from experience guiding her. 


     The dragon lunged with a frontal attack and Quik deflected it, hardly causing any damage.  A ball of fire, then another lunge came at her, her reflex deflection and shield kept her from harm.  The dragon was testing her too, looking for her own weaknesses.


      Quik’s back was to the wall so she circled out to her right to give herself some more room.  She had tactics of her own.   The dragon turned as she moved to continue facing her.  It reared and swiped at her with its front feet, the claws sliding off of the dragon shield, but pushing her back a step.   She turned and started running away, knowing what was coming.


      The dragon shot a magical fireball at her, bathing her but doing no damage.  She ‘Quik-ly’ turned and ran at the dragon, her whip lashing out again, powered by that enhanced strength and accuracy.  The dragon had been caught flat-footed, preparing another fireball but was hit hard instead, with another lash coming again but doing little damage.  Now the fight was on.


     The two antagonists continued circling each other, giving a swipe with a claw here, and an investigating flick there, testing each other and looking for openings.  Quick watched with a practiced eye as they vied for a shot at each other.   Dragon fire bathed her again; plain fire this time, her potion and shield doing their respective jobs.   She lashed again herself, doing a little damage but nothing significant. 


     The dragon reared and balanced on its tail and back legs; a good trick to temp an easy blow to the weaker underside of a dragon.  This was a sure way for a lesser dragon, a blue, or red, or even a black, to die… because their undersides were soft.   But coming from this veteran steel, it was just a ruse.   Quik had a counter of her own.   She ran at the dragon, then turned and dodged to the right, away from the beast’s forefeet slamming where she would have been.  She turned again and ran toward the dragon before it could rear again, disappearing from its view.  As the animal turned in a circle to its left to locate her she stayed beneath it, lashing a few times as best as she could in the tight quarters, getting in only one mediocre blow, before running out.   She was at its right hindquarter now, the dragon looking to its left side.  She invoked Piety and lashed again, the extra enhancement providing what was needed to hit hard and true.   The dragon’s mighty roar of pain was very much real.


     Though hurt this time and hurt bad, it was still far from dead.  No doubt it had recovered from worse injuries many times; each time its prowess sharpened a bit more.   This time the dragon turned broadside to her facing away from her to the left, seemingly distracted by something else.  Its tail was stretched out with the end turned up about head high.  The great wings were outstretched and curved forward making it seem as if the dragon had lost its desire to fight and was looking for another distraction.  Quik wasn’t fooled.  With its head pointed away, and its left wing outstretched and shielding, Quik could see most of the head, its eye on her just over the top of its wing.   It was readying a tail attack, the spikes at the end holding ever so still. 


     Quik had a deception of her own.  She eased down slowly, until the dragon’s eye was right level with the top of the wing.  If she couldn’t see the dragon’s eye, the dragon couldn’t see her either.  She suddenly ducked down and raced toward the dragon, angling toward the wing connection and lashed again, and then ran away toward the tail, the dragon swinging to its left, actually taking the tail away from her.  The attack was spoiled.  Its anger generated from both pain and frustration, the dragon bathed her again and again with fire.  Six times it did this, with no sign of weakening.  Quik’s potion and shield were again doing their jobs, but she took some hits from it this time.   This was a VERY strong dragon.  


     She turned off Piety and invoked protection, eating a shark and bringing her to almost full health.  Then she began her own work.  No more playing around. This time she would make some openings of her own.   She started to flick her whip, keeping the dragon busy, and watching it note the pattern.  After 3 such blows, none of which did any damage. She invoked Piety again, changed her style, and then lashed, landing another hard blow, sending the dragon back.   Turning off Piety, she went back to flicking again, and again she repeated the enhanced lash, landing another hard blow.   This was more like it.  


     But the dragon had enough also.  Facing her, it slumped to its left front elbow; its left wing falling relaxed but outstretched, its mouth open and its head resting with its chin on the ground.   This was a new one to Quik.  It looked very much like a beaten dragon, too weak to lift its head, only waiting for the killing blow it knew would come.


     Quik’s senses were suddenly very much awake.  This dragon was not that close to dying.  Something was up.  She decided to test the deception and took a step that would circle toward the left wing and left foot.   The dragon eased its rear end around, its muscular haunches not missing a step.  Quik didn’t know what the dragon had in mind, but she could see the right wing tensed, and ready to swing when she got to close, sweeping her into the waiting jaws capable of slicing her in half with ease, ending her life in an instant.  


     Quik invoked Piety again, easing toward the dragon’s left foot, then spun to her own right almost full circle and lashed, catching the dragon off guard, again its roar of pain sending a signal throughout the entire cavern that it was in trouble.  Quik dashed directly away from the dragon’s head, but was tripped by the end of the right wing coming around to envelope her.   She rolled out of the way, and turned off Piety.  She restored the weakening power of the prayer level with a dose of prayer potion, putting her to almost full strength.  She had 3 doses left and might need all of it for this fight.


     The dragon regained its feet and began to circle again toward its right.  Quik did the same and remained facing it.  This time she raced toward it, flicked a shot, and ran back again, invoking Piety as she retreated.  As before, she was bathed in the fireball, and, as before, she returned and lashed with unnatural power and strength.  She turned and ran away again; the dragon repeating its mistake.  This time the lash was even harder, and the blow took a devastating toll on the dragon’s health.  The dragon stepped back.  Now it knew something of fear.  Now its thinking was desperate.  But desperate dragons do not retreat, and Quik knew it was a fight to the finish.


     She moved a bit closer and the dragon began another frontal attack with front claws, wings and head.   Quik countered with deflecting hits from her whip, taking a few hits herself but dealing much more to the dragon.   She invoked protection and ate another shark.  She left Protection on this time, taking another dose of prayer potion, bringing her back to maximum again.  It was being used fast now, Piety and Protection keeping her close to top shape.  It was still needed.  The dragon was not dead.  If she left now the beast could still recover and would be that much harder to kill.


     The dragon lowered its head and leveled its gaze at Quik, raising its wings in a covering position, like a hen with her chicks, looking to sweep her into its jaws again.  She did her own crouch, holding her shield in front of her with her whip poised to lash.  Watching the dragon’s head, she didn’t notice the bunching muscles.


     Suddenly the dragon raised its wings, jumped in the air, and beat down with its wings, lifting it completely off the ground in one smooth motion.  At the same time it wheeled its whole body around and that mighty tail came whistling at Quik.  She fell to the ground on her back and covered herself with the shield.  The blow glanced off the shield, the deadly spikes on top missing her.   The bottom side of the tail still hit the shield and sent her rolling.   The dragon whirled again to strike at what it thought was the final blow.   But Quik was strong and agile enough to stand that kind of blow. She rolled to her feet and out of range.  She ate shark meat and countered more frontal attacks from the dragon, its desperation evident in its roars.  Then it lowered its head again, wings poised as before.   This time it would connect.


      Quik had a plan of her own.  Even though she had not seen a dragon do this before, her instincts told her how combat it.  She did her own crouch again.   This time, as the wings came down and the dragon rose to spin, Quik raced ahead, the dragon losing sight of her as it spun.  As she came under the great head, she let loose with her whip with devastating accuracy at the dragon’s throat, killing it, its death roar, resonating off the cavern walls, loud enough to get the attention of every dragon in there.  Her momentum carried her from beneath the now lifeless mass above her. Death hadn’t quite gotten to the wings as they gave another mighty beat that lifted the massive beast one last time.  Then it fell to the floor with an earth shaking ‘whoomph’.  Its tail and head slammed to the floor almost at the same time.  The dragon’s final roar was not a roar at all, but a feeble gasp, belying the strength and power once filling that mighty carcass.


     As was her habit, Quik stood in her place and let the silence overtake the cavern.  She turned off prayer, feeling the anti fire potion wear off.  It had lasted just long enough.  She would restore her prayer at her home, and use the partial vials to fill out new batches of potions.  She could just empty them, but it wouldn’t do to waste.


     She went to study the remains of the four slain dragons.  She found a rune battle-axe, a rune long sword, some runite limbs from a crossbow and a javelin.    Each dragon had feasted on hapless adventurers.  It might have been all one party, probably wandering the jungle south of Shilo, but no one would ever know.  She gathered the dragon bones, and the few coins she could find.  The coins and weapons would be welcome at the village, to help with the repairs and medicines.   She would take the bones with her for her own meditations.  No fee would be garnered from this village.  It was too poor and Quik did not want to put an added burden on them.   She had lots of money and plenty of other business to cover the cost of this venture.


     She quietly left the weapons and gold at the edge of the village, along with four dragon claws to let the villagers know their fears had been alleviated.  She headed to her home in Rimmington, with thoughts of red berry muffins, a swordfish steak and scrambled eggs, the breakfast of champions.    The end  


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