Quik and the Dragon

A Runescape adventure, based on the game and using actual places and beasts in the game. However, the actual fight contains moves that are not programmed into the game.

Quik, our heroine, makes her living by slaying dragons. She has job of killing some sick and destructive dragons that had caused a death in a native village.


3. Into the Lair


     Her thorough examination completed, Quik turned and entered the tunnel.  The sunlight disappeared as the entrance was left behind.  The tunnels were lit with torches; magic torches!  No one ever tended them, but they continued burning and didn’t smoke.  They were another item from the same race that made barrows gloves.  At least, that was the current theory.  No matter, they remained lit, providing much needed light.


     Quik pulled out her axe and cut the roots blocking the path.  She walked on following the dragon’s trail of clawed footprints, and scuffs by the tail swishing back and forth.  There were only two times that tail didn’t drag, when the dragon was flying or when it was fighting.  When it was flying, the tail might have been a hindrance to the dragon, but in a fight, that tail was as devastating a weapon in the dragon’s arsenal as its fire, or claws or its wings, or its massive powerful jaws.


     Quik made her way across the lava stream, and headed toward the dragon lair.  They liked to be as deep into the cavern as they could.   The high body heat of the dragons kept the eggs warm, much warmer than humans could stand for the time it took to hatch them.  But then, that’s the way dragons were.  It was no wonder that dragon hide was so expensive.  It had to protect a dragon, so its protective abilities were rather high.  It was nothing for dragons to bath each other in fire, whether bickering or just playing.  The reason for the bath didn’t matter the fire was the same. If a dragon could take the heat as it were, the hide was good stuff.


     As she eased in at the edge of the lair, Quik took a sip from each of her “fight” potions, as well as the anti fire.  The prayer was only used if she invoked protection to eat.  She worked her way along the wall and looked the dragons over.  There were several steel dragons as well as some irons.  She edged along the side of the lair, keeping still so she would not provoke an innocent dragon.  She was checking the behavior of the bold ones, dragons that were cocky and bullying the others.  It was what happened to them when they got a taste of softer human prey.


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