Quik and the Dragon

A Runescape adventure, based on the game and using actual places and beasts in the game. However, the actual fight contains moves that are not programmed into the game.

Quik, our heroine, makes her living by slaying dragons. She has job of killing some sick and destructive dragons that had caused a death in a native village.


2. Checking


     She turned her eyes away from the peaceful scene, and proceeded to check her equipment once again.  She had just repaired her Torag armor the night before and it was in excellent shape for the job ahead.  The snug fitting helm gave her excellent protection while allowing her to see during combat.  The chin horns were razor sharp and delivered cuts if claws or paws came past the shield.  The platebody and platelegs were equipped with similar horns, presenting a formidable obstacle to would be devourers.  The soft, supple, yet strong hinge straps allowing her ample movement in combat had been replaced making the armor as good as new.  They would wear out eventually, but it would take several months


     Her hands were protected with barrows gloves, the material defying reproduction in this age.  They were certainly different.  Her hands gripped what ever she clasped and did not slip, even when covered in blood or soaked in water.  Her boots were Dragon, their supple red sheen protecting her feet and hardly ever slipped.  They were made from another material from that different age. No one had been able to make the dragon material either.  They could only ‘find’ dragon items with luck while adventuring in distant lands.   It was a shame no one ever found barrows boots.


     She checked her potions, bringing with her as standard a super attack, super strength, super defense, anti dragon fire potion and a prayer potion.  She personally tended and grew the herbs, and collected the secondary ingredients herself, not trusting to others for her superior quality standards.  When it came to fighting dragons face to face, it didn’t do to trust to other sources.  Since this was how she made her living, it paid to have high exacting standards for her potions.   Her health and life depended on it.


     The anti dragon shield had an unnatural but polished orange glow.  She never had to repair it or even clean it.  It didn’t get scratched, nor did it collect blood.  It just absorbed dragon fire.   It was a gift from the Duke of Lumbridge when he sent her on a quest.  That was when she tackled her first dragon, the only one with a name…Elvarg.  Even now the name could bring shivers to some.  Her equipment was not as good then, but she faced it and prevailed, getting as a reward the coveted rune platebody to wear.  Her armor had changed over time, but the shield had continuously been a necessary part of dragon slaying.


     She made sure she had an axe to cut through the ever-present roots that seemed to be in the path no matter how many times she traveled there.  Her Karamja gloves were handy as always, providing an emergency departure to Shilo.  The rest of her inventory was filled with shark meat.   It’s healing power only bested by “tuna-corn taters”.  There were only 4 dragons to kill, but it paid to be prepared.  Situations could go wrong.  Too much food and magic gloves were a small price to pay for life.  Her strength and prowess were good, even ranked among the highest.  However, her pride was not going to stand in the way of escape.  Dieing was costly.


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