Take-away Love.

Nikki work in Nando's. When Harry and the Band walks in Nikki falls in love. He stole her heart in just one look. Nikki's in love.


4. What Should I Wear?

Im a bit of a tom-boy. I Don't ussually wear dresses, but i don't wan't to wear jeans and a singlet on a date right? Mayby just for 1 nite. It was about 5:30 pm now and Mum was down stairs cooking Tea. I skipped down the stairs.

"Mum, this is it, i'm finally going on a date, no need to cook tea for me. I'm so excited." I say.

"Thats great," Mum said. I'm not that popular at school, i never get boyfriends, i'm just soo happy :)

I run back upstairs. Open my closet. There's nothing, no dresses no heals.

"MUM!!!". I run back down stairs.

"Do you have a nice dress ican wear?" I asked.

She walks to her room. She come out with two beautiful dresses a nice long red one and a short black one. I took the red dress.

"Heals" i said waitingfor mum to get some nive heals that would go with my dress. She walks out with some Black wedges.

"I love them". I snatch them from mum's hand and sprint up to my room. I'm going to look beautiful for once i thought.

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