Take-away Love.

Nikki work in Nando's. When Harry and the Band walks in Nikki falls in love. He stole her heart in just one look. Nikki's in love.


6. Staring In His Eyes.

Im standing here, staring in his eyes,

"you look beautiful" he sayd.

I sat down, i was shy i didn't know what to say,

"You called, i'm happy you called" I said

Well looked in each others eyes.

His cute browny greeny eyes staring into mine,

His Brown Hazely fluffy hair amazingly curly.

We orded. I didn't get much, i didnt want to look like a pig,

He told me some of his habbits,

"I like to get naked alot" He said.

It started to get awkward.

"Well, i like to sing" I said.

"What music do you like" He asked.

"Uhhh, i dont really listen to music much, but i have heard a band called One Direction, they are accually quite good" I said.

He started to giggle.

"Do you know who they are?" He said.

"No" I say

He giggled a little more.

"what" i said, "Is it my hair" I asked.

"No you hair is beautiful" he says.

"Then what is it"

"Did you know im Harry,"

"Yeah" I said.

"Harry Styles" he said.

There was a dull silence........

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