Take-away Love.

Nikki work in Nando's. When Harry and the Band walks in Nikki falls in love. He stole her heart in just one look. Nikki's in love.


1. Normal Day At Nando's.

It was a cassual day at Nando's in Paris.

"One Chicken burger," said the crude customer.

"Coming up," I says. That goes on for day's and it gets boring. I stand behind the counter for 6 hours a day. It was 3:30 pm and Nando's were closing early. I could hear screaming coming from down the road. What was it?

"Wait!" yelled a group of boys. They ran in the shop and behind them slammed the door shut and locked it. They slowly walked to the counter. There was girls all over the window screaming.

"Ummmm, sorry about that," the boys said.

"Can we please have 5 coca-cola's and 5 burger's" said the good looking boy.

"C-c-coming up," I stuttered. The boy's went and sat down at the table. The burgers were ready and i walked out behind the counter to bring the tray of food and drinks to them. I was walking when i realised that my shoe lases were undone. I was nevous, i stood on it, i tripped, i feel forward, towards the good looking boy. I was down...... the burgers and drinks had gone all over this boy.

"I-im so sorry," I said. I was on my knee's. The group was laughing, well not at me, at the boy. I was so emmbaresed. They boy knelt down, put out his hand and stared into my eyes, i think i was in love.

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