Take-away Love.

Nikki work in Nando's. When Harry and the Band walks in Nikki falls in love. He stole her heart in just one look. Nikki's in love.


7. Finding out the Truth...

'OMFG' i think.

" You Mean, Harry, Harry Stylers" i say.

He laughed.

"Its Styles, and yeah, thats me" He said.

"Oh my god, i didnt reconise the group, i have only heard your songs" i said.

Theres a loud pumping in my heart.

i look pale.

We just got here, and i all ready feel sick.

I jump out of my chair and run to the toilets.

He comes in.

Im nealling, spewing in the toilet.

"Are you okay," he asked.

"yeah" im fine.

I unlocked the door and walked out.

"hey," he said.

"Lets go to mine"

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