Rumour has it

Cleo is a girl in year 11 in highschool. She has her big group of friends. But she has been in love with one of them for a while. But he doesnt even notice. Then a group of five new guys come to the school. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall. They are immediantly part of the cool group. But Louis has his eye on Cleo. And she has her eye on him. But so does Miranda, the coolest girl in the school. Sparks fly between Cleo and Louis and things with Sage have become distant. Miranda becomes super jelous and has a plan to destroy their relationship. And it just might work.


2. 2.

"Take a seat boys," Mrs Tarroth said to them. They sat in the remaining seats that were left and everyone started whispering to their friends. "They're pretty hot aren't they?" Jade asked. "Yeah, like, to-die-for," Tash replied. I nodded agreeingly. "Alright, settle down. Be quiet everyone. Today we will be studying shakespear's Romeo and Juliet," Mrs Tarroth said sternly to us. The rest of the lesson was uneventful, as was the next one. The bell went for recess and I walked to the courtyard with Jade and Tash to meet up with the others. "Hey," They all said to us as we arrived. "Hey" we replied. "Did you see the new guys?" Taylor asked excitedly. "Yeah, we had english with them," Jade said, smirking. "Wooh, I could get a tan from standing next to them, theyre that hot," Zara said, pretending to fan herself with her hand. Josh frowned at her. "What?! I'm just stating a fact," She said to him. They were dating. I laughed at her and so did the others. "Look where they are now," Layla said nodding her head in the direction behind me. I turned my head to see them. Great, they were with the popular group of boys, which meant the popular girls would be here any minute. As if on cue, Mackenzie and her clones strutted over to them. I never ever really remembered their names. I'm pretty sure Mackenzie's best friend's name was Allahna and the other two were Jess and Sasha. Mackenzie practically threw herself all over one of them. He didn't look too impressed. He actually looked kind of disgusted. URGH was all you could hear behind me from the girls. And that pretty much sumed up what I felt about Mackenzie. I turned back around to the group and ignored them. "So what's the plans for the weekend?" Taylor asked. "Nothin," the boys said. "Shopping," Tash said. "Ooh! I'm coming!" Zara exclaimed. "Me too," Layla said. "Me three!" Jade said. "I guess I'll come too," I said to them. The bell rang and we walked to our next class. Mine was, unfortunatly, with the populars, the new guys, and only Tash to help me get through them.

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