Rumour has it

Cleo is a girl in year 11 in highschool. She has her big group of friends. But she has been in love with one of them for a while. But he doesnt even notice. Then a group of five new guys come to the school. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall. They are immediantly part of the cool group. But Louis has his eye on Cleo. And she has her eye on him. But so does Miranda, the coolest girl in the school. Sparks fly between Cleo and Louis and things with Sage have become distant. Miranda becomes super jelous and has a plan to destroy their relationship. And it just might work.


1. 1.

It was just another day of highschool. I was in year 11. I walked into my walk-in wardrobe and pulled out a leopard print croptop, ripped denim shorts, black converses and a fur vest that I left open. I looked in the mirror to do my makeup and hair. My jet black hair was crimped and ran to my shoulders while I had brown eyeshadow and a clear coat of lipgloss. The sound of a car horn made me grab my brown leather bag and rush out the door. It was Zara and Jade. "Whats up?" Zara said to me as I got in the car. "Nice to see you too Zara," I said sarcastically. Zara smiled and turned to the front and started driving to school. When we arrived all the other members of our group rushed up to us. Layla, Josh, Taylor, Tash, Zeek, Ryan and Max. "Hey guys," I said. "Hey," they all replied. All the boys came up and hugged me but it was only when Max hugged me that I felt something. I'd been in love with Max since I first met him.


We were in year 7 and I had just met all the girls. Layla and Ryan were good friends in primary school and introduced us all to each other. Max had that smile, that could light up a whole room. Plus he's utterly gorgeous. Shaggy blonde hair, big blue eyes, tanned skin. We had talked for ages and I was starting to like him, but then he went out with another girl.

*End Of Flashback*

The bell went signaling for us to get to class. I went to english with Jade and Tash. As usual, Miranda and her clones had already snagged the prime seats, the back row. I went and sat in a seat in the middle of the room inbetween Jade and Tash. "Good morning class, today, before we start our lesson we have a few new students starting out today. You will do your best to welcome them, come on in boys," Mrs Tarroth said, an old stern teacher said as five boys walked through the door. They were the hottest boys I'd ever seen in my life. "Class this is Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall," Mrs Tarroth announced, introducing them.

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